Monday, September 10, 2012

Fallin' in Love with Wreaths

So I've never been much for door wreaths.  Seemed "old-fashion" to me and I'm just not into big, gawdy fowers, lace, and bows. But lately, I've taken interest in the creative and more up-to-date wreaths I've seen on Pinterest and girlfriends' photos on Facebook.  So the crafty side of me had developed an urge to create a wreath, but with an outdoor flare. 

I went to Michael's craft store and found one of those vine wreaths on sale, along with a few silk flowers for Fall, a letter "V" for our last name, and some ribbon.  I had a couple of items at home already: pheasant feathers and shotgun shells.  I used my hot glue gun and glued everything in place and it came out perfect (in my eyes)! 

That's something to remember when you decorate:  if its perfect to you, then its perfect. Period.  Don't worry about what others think.  They're not the ones looking at it everyday.

For the ribbon, I saw online where you can use a staple gun and just staple the ribbon on the very top of the door.  And that's exactly what i did.  It worked!

And as far as my door goes, it will be getting painted this fall.  Its a terrible faded shade of red.  Its streaky too.  It was never painted properly and defintiely needs to be a darker color. 

I didn't limit myself on keeping things from sticking out too much.  Just let the flowers do their thing.  And I didn't paint the wood letter "V" because I felt the white was pretty enough.   What do you think? Paint the "V" letter? If so, what color?

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Curtains with a....branch?

It's been exactly one year since we've moved into our home and I've been trying to work on one room at a time.  But there's still always something to be done to a room after I think I'm done with it.  But since I've completed the bathroom and painted our kitchen, then next room I've been wanting to focus on is our living room.  It's very bland with lots of browns and neutrals.  I love brown, but I also love color.  I've been brainstorming on what colors to throw in there and how, but you know, sometimes we just need to look at the creatures that God created for color inspiration.  For example, look at the Wood duck.  The male Wood duck has the most distinctive array of iridescent colors from head to tail.  It's covered in purples, blues, greens, white, brown, and black and the eye is surrounded in the most stunning color of red! It truly is amazing how God made such a beautiful creature.

I know I need to add some color in the room as well as decor on the walls, especially the fireplace. But I wanted to start with the curtains.  My mom is a fantastic seamstress. She has sewn since she was at least in her twenties....maybe teen years.  She used to have to make all my clothes because I grew so fast and so tall that everything in the department stores were all too short on me. So it was time for her to come visit me and I knew what I wanted for the curtains.   I design them, she sews them.  BUT! She did allow me to sew some of it just for the experience. It wasn't too bad. Lets just say she has straighter lines than I. 

Let's get down to it!  I found a big branch (or small tree?) at the hunting club and brought it home to use as the "curtain rod."  Can we say FREE? It was as straight as I could find and I didn't want anything small for the big window.  I found another branch that was smaller for the third, single window I have on the other side of the living room.  I had to cut the bigger branch down to my desired width.  I was going to use curtain tie-backs to hold the branch in place, but they weren't big enough.  So I found plant brackets for $2 each and used those, and that price was WAY better than fancy hold backs.

I found a teal colored panel at Walmart.  It's faux silk. I only needed one panel since I was cutting it into 3 different sections to use as the top piece.  So the teal part of the entire panel measures at 18". 

The feather trim I ordered online at Ebay. (The seller is all the way in Hong Kong, but had the best prices on feather trim). 

Then the bottom piece was originally going to be plain o' burlap.  We couldn't find enough burlap in the fabric stores nearby, so mom and I went to Target and bough 3 panels of a tan colored loose woven material panel. It smelled like burlap and mom says she thinks it is some sort of burlap material.  But It wasn't stiff like regular burlap and I definitely wanted something to flow with ease.  And this was perfect!

I bought those snap-on grommets (1" size) and those were so easy to do!  My space at the top of the curtain was small since we had already sewn it about 2 inches in.   But the grommets come with a plastic measuring tool thing.  Its easy to do! And you can buy these at Hobby Lobby (where I got mine) or Hancock Fabric or maybe even Walmart. 

Then I hung them up by some rope. I found the rope in a package at Lowe's in the rope section.  Its called "Blue Hawk 3/8in by 50ft Twisted Manilla Rope." It cost $8.98 for the package and it was enough for my 3 panels.

They turned out great, but my pictures were taken with my cell phone, so the quality isn't that great. They look better in person.  As always, pictures doesn't do it justice.

This is the large double size window.

I adjusted the rope as I hung it so that my panel is even across the top, not the rope.  



And this is the third window that's in the corner on the opposite side of the living room.  And it's next to a door that leads out to the screened in porch.  So I just decided to swoop it to the side and used a deer shed to hold it back.