Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Kitchen Makeover

Do you remember the major laundry makeover I did back in March of 2010? Well that was in our previous home.  That was part of my "get it ready to sell" projects, as well as something we just needed to do! So we sold that home in April of 2011 and moved into our new home in August (2011).  We LOVE our new home, but there are a few walls that need painting.....and the first project was the kitchen! It was covered in burgendy flowery wallpaper.  I couldn't stand it.  So I started taking the wallpaper down in October, but didn't paint until January because I couldn't decide on a color PLUS, it was hunting season and I was out playing in the woods!

Here are some before photos.....

 I had researched and asked coworkers how to remove wallpaper.  So of course I had EVERYTHING....the wallpaper scorer tool, steamer, liquid fabric softner, water, Diff Gel.....I had everything!  So for starters, I wanted to see how the wallpaper was on the wall. I had no idea if it was put up over sheetrock when the origianl owners built the house or if it was put up later after the walls had been painted. 

I began around the light switches (after I removed the switch plates).  I started peeling just to see what happened.  Well I noticed that it was peeling off like a bad sticker on the bottom of a cup.  The first layer peeled off, leaving behind the sticky part and it feels kinda fuzzy.  I was unsure of myself, but I decided to try some hot water.....because if I have a stubborn sticker on the bottom of something plastic, I will usually soak it in water and clean it off with hot water and soap.  That being said, I had purchased a cheap sprayer bottle at the Dollar General and I filled it up with hot water.  I soaked the area where I had peeled away the flowery top layer and once it was soaked, I could tell it was just another layer (the bottom paper/glue layer of the wallpaper).  I let it sit there for a good 5 minutes.  Then I came back and picked at it with my fingers and it started to just PEEL right off!!  Once it peeled away, I could see the white wall behind it!

Surely it wasn't going to be THIS easy! So I kept going to see what would happen. I had created a monster!  I ended up staying up all night to take it down!
*All I used was hot water in a spray bottle. I didn't have to use any of the other stuff.  Just keep the water anywhere from a hot to a warm temperature. I just kept refilling my bottle after the water inside of it cooled down. 

I also had a plastic putty knife (what you use to put spackle on a wall) that I used to help scrape it off.....even though it was all coming off with ease...there were a few areas that weren't so easy peeling off. So I kept soaking those areas and would use the plastic putty knife to "scrape" (gently but with some elbow grease) away the remaining paper/glue.

Once all the wallpaper and paper-glue stuff was off, I wiped off (cleaned) the walls the best I could with some hot water and rags and sponges to get off any remaining glue.  It's amazing how much better it looks with just PLAIN white walls!! The kitchen looks like it opened up!

*It's important to clean that glue stuff off the walls before you paint!

Next, I cleaned (wiped) the walls, baseboards, and window trim.  It was a LOT of cleaning.  But I did this because the first thing I painted was all the white trim (baseboards, pantry door, windows and doorways).  It was a lot of trim work!!! I used Valspar High Gloss (pic of the can is under the "Bathroom Makeover" post) ultra white.  Man did it make the trim just POP!!  Now the rest of the trim in my house looks old and dirty.  But I will eventually get to it. 

It took me 3 days to finish painting.  That included the trim work.  Why??  Because I do two coats everytime I paint a room....and I had a LOT (I mean a LOT!!!!!) of ups, downs, unders, overs, and arounds to paint!! It was crazy!! But well worth it......I also removed the top decorative trim piece that was on top of the cabinets.

Should I re-do our countertops and give it a faux-granite look?
If so, what color scheme would you do: light (ivory with brown specs) or dark (dark with few light specs) or black??

Thanks for reading!