Thursday, March 18, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Cake


So.  Isn't it obvious?  I've been watching TOO much CAKE BOSS!!!  OMG!!  Buddy makes some MARVELOUS cakes!!! I LOVE IT!  So I guess you could say I got frisky and wanted to make my own fondant cake. And what better time than St. Patrick's Day??'s my FIRST fondant cake ever.

I colored my cake mix two different shades of green.  Cooked my cake mix, let it cool.  Then the next night I started kneading the fondant and mixed in a light shade of green.  Once I layered the light green shade fondant over the cake, I set the top cake piece on top of the larger cake piece.  I then colored some more fondant a darker green and kneaded it all together until I had a darker shade of green for the shamrocks.  I used a VERY VERY small heart shaped cookie cutter to make each leaf of the shamrock.  Place three of them next to each other and BAM! A SHAMROCK! For the stems, I just cut very small strips and placed them on next.  Then, I piddled with GUM PASTE.  That stuff is weird.  Not sure if I'm crazy about it.  But once I had some in a non-sticky consistancy, I kneaded in some yellow and orange food coloring, rolled it out, then used the top of an orange juice container to "cut out" round circles. I then placed my coins on the cake.  Then I topped them off with some yellow, edible pixie dust.  I tried to cover the shamrocks in green pixie dust, but it wasn't showing up well.  Then I placed skittles all around the edges.  I mixed up water and confectioner's sugar and piped a small line around the lower edge. Then placed the skittles on the sugar. That way, once the sugared icing dried up, the skittles would be "stuck" to it.  So there it is! Sounds simple, but LORD it was a task. 

Wonder if I could make another cake...with trees....some deer....candy corn....and a HUNTRESS on the prowl!! Mmmm!! Sounds delicious to me!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Purty? Or Dinner?

I really can't he just purty?  Or could he be dinner?  Just can't shoot one until this saturday, the 20th! So I guess he'll just have to be purty for now!! 

Seriously though, I was in God's country this weekend......south Georgia, where everything is slower, more relaxed, and a lot more prettier because of the greenery.  I mean, uh, scenery!  I really enjoy going back "home" to see my family and friends and getting out of the hectic city I live in.  This past weekend, my best friend and I decided to ride around the woods and take pictures.  When we went next door to her brother-in-law's house, I quickly spotted a solid white turkey!  I just had to get pictures with him.  Even though I usually see these things featherless and skinless in the grocery store, he was just purty to look at.  I really enjoyed the experience of hearing him gobble, strut, and drum right in front of me!! I did try to catch him a time or two, but he was too quick and I didn't want to step in any chicken or turkey poo.  The female turkey stayed away from us while we harrassed this young'n for a couple of shots.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Laundry Room Renovation

WOW!  What I thought was gonna be a weekend project turned into a TWO WEEK long ordeal!! But I'm so thankful I stuck with it and finished it!!  It's pretty scarey to see at first.  But that's what makes it AWESOME and more appreciative in the end!

Since we don't have a garage and our shed is pretty small, we tend to "throw" a lot of things into the laundry room.  But not only did I need to re-organize and re-model it for us, we hope it will be more appealing to a "buyer" some day!! After I finish my little projects, we'll be putting our house up for sale!

So, I started out by stripping everything out of the laundry room.  Had a run-in with a couple of stripped screws. Man! What a pain! I got my dad to come over and help me get them out.  Oh yea! I also pulled up the old quarter round. Then I worked on spackling all the holes and any other "imperfections" in the walls.  Then came ONE of the fun parts!! I was FINALLY able to put my NEW CHRISTMAS present to good use!!  Hubby got me a fantastic electric sander! I LOVE that thing!! So I got everything sanded down. I can't tell you how much of that spackling dust I inhaled! *GAG*  After I had everything sanded down, I moved on to cleaning up the entire room: wiping down the walls with a washcloth, sweeping, and vacuuming the remaining things I couldn't get. 

Then I started painting.  I first painted my ceiling.  Gave it a FRESH new look with a coat of paint. It takes me FOREVER to paint in the trim because I take my time and I'm still practicing on "cutting" it in so that I won't have to use tape! And I have to admit, I didn't do so bad this time either. So after I painted the baseboards, back of the door, door frame, and window frames, I started painting on the walls! After the walls, I worked on cleaning the circuit breaker cover. It had old white paint on the edges. 

After several trips to Lowe's and back, I finally got a couple of new face plates for the light switches and electrical outlets.  I also bought my cabinets and other stuff I would need later on.  I ripped up the old floor and my hubby put down some stuff for the uneven floor.  I'm not sure if the stuff in the jar is called "floor patch" or if that's just the term for fixing the floor.  While the days keep passing by, the clothes kept piling up! It was a mess.  I finally moved the washer and dryer back in for a day or two to wash some clothes.

I took a day off work this past Thursday so my dad and I could get some MAJOR work done.  I moved the washer and dryer BACK out into the kitchen. Dad and I took the water heater out. He sweated off the copper pipes where the new flex hose would go. Took up the remaining old linoleum that was under the water heater. Dad cut the quarter round and I painted it. Dad sanded down the floor patch stuff. It was about as hard as cement! Nasty stuff! I cleaned up and completed painting the walls and trim behind the water heater (where I couldn't reach from my first go round). I shaped and cut a piece of the new floor to fill in the hole/space where the old water heater has set..other people that have lived here before just cut plywood and linoleum to fit AROUND the water heater instead of underneath it. So the little circle area was lower than the rest of the plywood on top.  So I put in a piece of new flooring in there to fill up some space. I put in the new floating vinyl floor. Dad worked on the fittings (or whatever it's called) for the water heater. We put in the new quarter round. Then, set in the new drip pan, installed the water heater with new FLEX HOSE and a new electrical tube thingy (looks like a trachea to me). Made the circles in the wall look more appealing by placing flanges and a plastic piece of the holes. Swept. Brought back in the washer/dryer. Hooked everything back up.  I gradually moved everything back in and washed some more clothes! I still have to install a clothing rod to hang wet clothes on to dry as well as a curtain for the window.  But for the most part, it's done and I'm glad this BIG project is behind me! WHEW!

Oh yea! If you're wondering where all the stuff went that was stuffed in that room, I put everything out in our storage shed in the backyard and moved my Christmas boxes out from the storage shed to my father-in-laws place!