Monday, January 11, 2010

Ducks Fly Over

We have had some really cold weather the past couple of weeks.  Been in the 20's just about all day! But probably the only people who head out in the extreme temps are hunters! We've been duck hunting on our weekends, but still have yet to shoot our limit.  My hubby and I went out Saturday morning. It was a cold, cold, cold, cold (did i say it was COLD?) morning.  It was 20ยบ and we were looking forward to calling in some ducks! We layered up and loaded up our waders, decoys, and a shovel.

We got to the water hole and just as we suspected, it was frozen over. Phillip got in the water and used the shovel to break up the ice where the water wasn't running.  I took 7 decoys out and gave 'em to Phillip to throw out.  We loaded up some shells and took our spot in the water against some trees. We were about 30 feet apart.

I patiently waited for daylight. When it was time, Phillip started slowly calling.  I let him call for a few minutes before I join in. We finally heard some gun shots off in the distance. My heart started pounding. I was sure something was going to fly over any minute now.  I stood with the stock of my shotgun on my hip, calling, and waiting.  I finally heard a faint whistle.  I look up to see 4 ducks fly over about the same time Phillip told me to get ready.  They ducks were too high.  We hit the calls.  They didn't turn. 

So I took a deep breath and got ready for the next group of ducks to fly over.  We called some more and heard the same gun shots off in the distance.  We waited.  No ducks.

So we decided to call it a morning.  I sloshed through the water to the bank and we both set our guns against the trees. Phillip took his duck call lanyard off before we got in the water to retrieve the decoys.  We were about 5 steps in the water when I hear Phillip say "Anna, look! There's two flying in! Be still!" I immediatly froze! I looked up to see two woodies flying in. They look committed. But before they made their decision they decided to fly around one more time.  I hit my call. When they flew around some trees, we ran (as fast as we could with waders on) back to dry land and got our shotguns.  We squatted right there and looked back to see if they were coming.  I hit the call a few more times.  Here they come....I can see they start to cup their wings and their little webbed feet get ready for the landing.  They're coming in close! Just as they decide to dive down, their feet straighten back out and they keep flying!  I am in shock! We both look back and I started calling again......nothing.  We couldn't believe it.  Those two woodies were on top of our heads! I looked at Phillip and he looked at me.  We were mad at ourselves for going in the water without our shotguns and not being ready.  Lesson learned!!

We gathered up the decoys and the rest of our gear.  We had water frozen on our shotguns and now our gloves.  We quickly made it to the truck and headed back home.

Better luck next time!