Monday, October 18, 2010

Pickin Up The Rifles

It was a tough weekend for me. Rifle season opened up and lots of outta-town club members showed up to hunt. I took my bow Saturday morning and hunted a food plot. Didn't see nothing. I have no idea why I hunted a food plot. I should've been in some oaks somewhere, although the acorns haven't started dropping hard yet. But the deer are moving through there. It was quiet Saturday morning where I was. I did hear a few gun shots off in the distance so somebody got to take home some deer!

Saturday night I sat in a BIG, comfy condo stand! Lots of room to spread out and be comfortable! It was a nice change from those lock-on stands I've been sitting in. I had plenty of room for my STUFF! The stand was amongst a jungle of brush and white oaks. About 150-200 yards out in front of me is a food plot. I could see a little bit of green. But not much. We need some rain bad!  Well I didn't see anything that night either.

Sunday night I went to a BEAUTIFUL oak bottom that is downhill on the property side...nobody has hunted down there yet. I was excited....until I got in this stand. I probably shouldn't be posting this, b/c this is NOT safe hunting! Treestand safety says not to sit in any homemade stands. Well....I sat in one. It was only about 13 feet high. Very small platform with an old office swivel chair that was screwed down securely into the stand. I hated not being higher up in the tree...but worse than that- my feet were half on and half off the platform. It was a small space. At least I had arm rests to prop on.  But I felt like I was leaning forward the entire evening! I was very uncomfortable. But I toughed it out and sat patiently.  I checked out SEVERAL of the trees in there and I'll be going back with my climber! Had a frisky squirrel jump in my tree and I heard him coming down towards me. I could tell he was running closer and closer down towards me. He got so close I could hear him purring. It freaked me out! So I moved a little bit to scare him off.  LOL I just don't want to risk a squirrel jumping on me in the stand! LOL I never did see any deer that night (wonder why!).  I didn't realize it was dark when it was! I figured I would get down b/c it was too dark in the oak bottom for me to see. It looked like it was still daylight above the pines behind me. So I stook up to get my gear together and something bright and shiney was gleaming down on me and the rest of the trees. I looked up.....the moon! Dawg-gone-it!  Moon played tricks on me again! So I laughed and made my journey back up the steep hill that helped make up my lack of exercise that week! It was a beast to go up!

We had a couple of other guys shoot some deer that weekend. One guy shot a BIG 8 pointer with his bow. A 17year old outta town club member shot a 7 pointer! He and his dad were tickled pink! And we were all excited for them! They were giggling like girls the rest of the night! It was awesome for them to share that together this past weekend down here in Georgia!

Well I might take this next weekend off. I need a break. And rut will be kicking in soon! Things will be getting wild out there! Sure can't wait!

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