Monday, October 4, 2010

Crazy Week

Its been a crazy week with Phillip’s sisters surgery, watching her 3 kids, and my family coming in town. BUT – we were able to sneak away Saturday for a morning hunt. Weather was BEAUTIFUL and felt great! I had to wear a light zip-up sweat shirt. I went to the same place I’ve been hunting (food plot #4). Phillip went down below camp to his favorite 30ft high stand. I got in the stand WELL before daylight. Had enough time to gaze at the stars and thank GOD for everything He’s given us. When I was strapping my safety vest strap to the tree, I heard a doe at my 11 o’clock softly blowing. Don’t think she smelled me since I am in scent free stuff and I spray myself down good. She must’ve heard me rustling in the tree. So I stopped to listen to her, then I very quickly and quietly finished getting everything set up. It was a beautiful morning and as usual, I watched tons of birds. I got a text from Phillip saying he got all the way to his stand and didn’t have his arrows/quiver on his bow. So he walked all the way back (500 yards) to the truck. He didn’t want to walk back by any other hunters so he stayed at the truck and didn’t hunt. Well, I was hungry and getting sleepy. And I knew I would be due for a bladder relief soon. I never saw anything from the deer stand. So I called it a morning and got down early. Walked out of the food plot and back up the logging road. It goes up-hill and has several “breaks” of dirt piles in the road….not to mention its covered in tall grass/weeds. So I’m headed back up the logging road and as I topped one of the mounds of dirt, I looked up to survey the path….saw something move behind some tall grass. And I immediately stopped. As soon as I stopped, her head popped up. She was broadside to me. With the sun in my face, we stared each other down for 30-45 seconds. I didn’t want to scare her too bad and didn’t want to be aggressive. So after giving her almost a minute, I VERY slowly stepped one foot forward….she turned and took off in the pines! She didn’t blow. So I was glad she finally ran off. I had my release in my back pack and my bow in the bow-sling over my shoulder, so I wasn’t ready for any shots. Guess I’ll have to start leaving the woods with my bow and arrow in hand – ready for anything! I made it to the 4wheeler and headed back to camp. Found Phillip asleep in the truck.

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