Friday, October 8, 2010

I Love War Paint (& Hunting!)

I had left work Thursday afternoon and went straight home. Threw all the chili mixin's in the crock pot, let the dog out, changed clothes, and loaded up the truck, and got some drinks in a small cooler in about 15 minutes. I just couldn't get to the huntin club fast enough. Left the house and had to put my "makeup" on in the truck. Finally got there and Phillip was already at his stand.  Thank God I wore short sleeves because it was HOT! I threw my zip up jacket in my back pack just in case. Loaded all my gear. Game face was ON!

I didn't rush to the stand. I had a good walk to get there, but it was already 5:00 something. I took my time down the gravel dirt road, keeping my eyes peeled for snakes. It was pretty hot and the sun had the insects buzzing again. I tried not to make much noise as I crept around the corners and down the road, listening to everything around me. I was getting closer to my stand. About 100-150 more yards to go. I heard a flock of dove jump up and whistle off somewhere in front of me. I looked up to see them fearfully flying out of the food plot. So I stopped to watch. Wasn't sure if any deer had beat me down there. I took a few more steps. Then something MUCH bigger jumped up and flew off!!! A TURKEY! I was excited! (sure can't wait to shoot one). So I eased down the hill, and around the oaks and clear cut edge. I slowly walked in, checking out the place. Left to Right. Food plot looks good and the clear cut sure is thick! It was hard to see in there. But all was clear. (so I thought) I took a deep breath and started up the tree. Took my time for safety reasons. Finally reached the top. Whewee! Caught a whiff of my arm pits as I reached up to grab the last climbing stick. Scent-free deodorant is useless.  Doesn't cover B.O. smell. And REAL deoderant is nothing BUT smell! 

Thank GOD for long legs. I stretched over and stood on the lock-on platform. Hung my bow up on a climbing stick, secured my safety vest to the tree, and then set my back pack in the seat. I quickly took out some MUZZY Bow Hunters Set up and sprayed all around me and the leaves! I had to cover up the B.O. that was lurking from my body. I screwed in the EZ Hanger. Set my backpack on it. Took my bow sling off my bow and hung it up. Sprayed myself one last time with SCENT AWAY Earth Scent. I slowly turned around and sat down in the cushion. I felt good. Not a lot of noise, except for the crickets, bees, and sacadas (they sure are loud). Checked the wind one last time. Took 1 arrow out and set it in place on my bow. Strapped my release on my hand. Took out my phone and txt phillip that I was in the stand and ok.

I started to bring up the FISH & GAME FORECAST on my phone whenever I heard something out in front of me. Sure enough I looked up in the woods of the property line and saw a body of brown fur! I quickly put my phone up. Clipped my release on the loop. My left hand gripped the bow handle tightly. I watched. It came out from the wood line into the food plot. Made a quick HEAD CHECK. Yep - it was a dang little spike. It had itty bitty pointy spikes that were about ½ inch long. He looked like a little devil. LOL so I watched him eat. I also watched his body language and after several times of picking his head up, ears up, and watching that clear cut, I knew something else was out there. This has happened all too fast! I JUST got in the stand and put an arrow on and a deer pops out! I had to check the time! it was 5:48pm. Deer were on the move. Prolly shoulda been in the stand a little earlier but I drove as fast as I could from W.R. to Macon to Twiggs county!

The devil spike kept a stiff stance and was locked on the clear cut. I watched out there and kept watching him. I couldn't see any bushes moving in the clear cut. He finally made his way to the edge of the clear cut. Its so thick you can hear them walking and breaking bush branches! I heard the same noise from another area close, but couldn't see what bushes were moving. Them deer sure blend in better than camo! I kept my eyes peeled on the clear cut bushes. FINALLY as the spike takes a few more steps into the bushes, I see he walks right past another deer. I see it! Then I got to thinking: "That deer was in there the whole time I walked by! It sure pays off to be sneaky!" I watched this one since I wasn't gonna shoot devil spikes. It was small. I watched these two for about 30 minutes. I had to make a HEAD CHECK on this little deer. Couldn't tell if it was a button head. But he kept scratching between his eyes and ears --- so I figured if he was a button head, then its probably itching where they're trying to grow. I dunno. Could be wrong. Just a wild blonde guess. He was small. I watched him eat in the food plot and walk around my tree. I didn't feel like shootin a small deer that night, but it was awesome just watching some deer!!

I kept my eyes and ears peeled. Dove would spook off flying. Squirrels were barking. Surely something else was coming?!?! I sat patiently waiting. The flies were getting on my nerves. One wouldn't stop landing on my hand. It was tickling me. It was getting to be around 6:45pm. I heard some people talking off in the distance. Thought it was Phillip and another club buddy. They were talking pretty loud! I was getting frustrated! I hate to move around much at all in my stand. But I couldn't take it any longer!! I slowly reached into my side pants pocket and pulled out my cell phone. I txt phillip and asked him if that was him talking. After I hit the SEND key, I thought I heard a small noise. I put my phone down in my lap, face down. I turned to look over my right shoulder. There's a path that goes back up behind me along the property line. As I turn to look and barely ease my head forward - I saw nothing but dark brown and 4 legs! I couldn't believe it! Of all times I had been moving and sent one stupid txt - there is a deer behind me! Of course when I looked over my shoulder and spotted her, she had spotted me! She was still and locked down in my direction. I froze and watched her. She took a step forward and kept a close watch on me. She didn't blow or run off. She actually took a few more steps forward and walked into the woods to her right (my left). She still walked my way, but she took cover in the woods. She was pretty quiet. She never came out around me. I have no idea where she went but it wasn't anywhere near my shooting range! I was MAD! Mad at myself for worrying about other people talking out there and trying to txt. If I would've sat still, she would've came on down that path, walked right underneath me into the food plot and right into a PERFECT window for me to take a shot!

I took a deep breath. The sun was setting. I saw another deer or the same devil spikes come back out into the food plot on the other end. It was too far away for me to see and I didn't have my binos out. So I waited until it was too dark for me to shoot. I quietly got all my stuff back together and packed up. I headed back to camp empty handed.

**Come to find out - it wasn't Phillip talking. He was still in the stand. He didn't see anything. The people were heard talking was a house that's not too far from the property edge.

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