Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Don't drink (coffee) and hunt!

Got off work and headed to the house. Changed into my camo and grabbed my bow…and a cup of coffee! Drove out to the huntin club – anxiety made it seem like a 2 hour drive! Got there in just enough time to see Phillip all packed up and about to walk to his stand. Gave each other a “good luck” smooch and he headed off. I got all my stuff together and walked my way (500+ yards) to the stand in the very back of the property. We call this stand the “persimmon stand” since there is a HUGE persimmon tree right next to the stand. There's a trail camera down there too and got great pics this summer. This had to be the most difficult stand I have ever climbed in! It’s a lock on- about 30 foot high in the tree. But to get to it you have to climb the screw-in tree steps that seem to be spaced 3 feet apart!!! You can pull a butt muscle climbing up this tree! So I took my time and hugged the tree like it was chocolate cake. I did NOT (and COULD not) let go! Finally got up there (typing this is making my hands sweat just thinking about it). Immediately strapped my safety harness in. Got everything set out and last but not least, I put on my special makeup (war paint).  (Didn't want to risk wearing my face mask again and missing another good shot!)

Once I got settled, I realized I was sitting in the wrong stand for the wind direction (it was NNW last night). So it was blowing into my back. I was tempted to stand up and turn around to face the tree the entire time, but I decided to remain seated. Besides, the strap from my best to the tree would've got in my way! Around 6:30pm or so, I had turned to look over my right shoulder and saw a deer in the food plot. Couldn’t keep my head turned that way for a very long time b/c it was killing me! So every few seconds I turned to look. It appeared that the 1st deer went behind some brush, then another one appeared at the far end of the food plot. Then I think they both went into the woods which is the property line. They were a good distance off for a bow shot. But not for a firearm! Not long after that I heard something over my left shoulder. CRUNCH. CRUNCH. I looked to my left and all I can see is tree limbs and leaves. I have tons of cover for me, but was a disadvantage to see anything. But I squinted and found a small opening between the branches and saw nothing but brown fur about 50 yards away. Looked like a big body deer. Couldn’t see the head. It was probably a buck!! But who knows? It didn’t walk my way. Instead “it” walked the opposite way. I was kinda surprised b/c the wind was blowing towards me. I figured “it” would’ve walked with the wind through the oaks, vines, and persimmons. I made sure it wasn’t coming my way before checking out the food plot again that is behind my right shoulder.

I didn’t see anything else until about 20 minutes later. I thought I heard something to my direct right. Nothing. looked over my right shoulder and saw a small deer eating towards this end of the food plot. Watched it and had to make sure it wasn’t a button head. She walked right below me but behind my tree. She looked small. Figured I could take a shot at her once she came to my left but she there was too much brush. I checked over my right shoulder again and saw another small deer coming to the end of the food plot. Looked like another doe. Just had to be sure it wasn’t a button head. Then I saw a BIGGER doe eating at the end of the food plot. “I WANT HER!” is what I thought. So I watched them. About this time my bladder started SCREAMING at me! (dang coffee! NEVER AGAIN!) It got so bad I was shaking!!! I had to concentrate. Both deer took the same path as the first little deer. Mama has a white spot on her right hip. If I had been standing up, facing the tree, I could’ve shot her. (and maybe could’ve relieved myself). But since I was sittin, I had to wait for her to come around behind me. I was a frog’s butt hair away from relieving myself right then and there just so I could STOP shaking to take a shot!!! After much concentration and muscle tightening, the “urge” went away. Ugh…it was horrible! So now I could get back to the deer……they kept walking away from me. they stayed between the clear cut and the line of trees. They never came into the peaceful oaks to hide and eat.

Phillip saw lots of deer too! He even saw a small 7 pointer we captured on camera this past summer. He drew back on a doe!  He whistled three times, but she never stopped. So he couldn’t get a clear shot on her. But we really enjoyed seeing deer tonight!!

Lessons learned here:
1) don’t drink coffee again before a hunt
2) stand up and face the wind – even if it is for a hour and a half
3) go hunting during the week when nobody is there!! you see more deer!

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