Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Columbus Weekend Update

Saturday morning I sat in a stand that I haven't yet hunted this year.  I've sat in it the past two years, but never saw much out of it.  But my hubby always did.  Anyhow, I didn't see nothing that morning. Only heard one walking through the pines at daybreak. It stopped and pee'd. Then later on I heard one blowing in the
distance. She was raising cain. Probably blowing at a coyote or something.  She wasn't close enough to see me. It is pretty thick back off behind me where she was.  So I figured she was blowing at another animal.

Saturday evening I went back to the tall 30ft lock on I've been hunting on the property line. I keep seeing small deer out of this stand. This is the stand that I spooked a turkey out of the other weekend.  As I was walking to the stand, I had about 100 yards to go. I topped the path and took one last look before I went downhill into the bottom. I glazed over the clear cut and what little bit of the food plot I could see. There was a deer standing there in the food plot end closest to my stand. I froze and slowly squatted down. I didn't know what to do. My release was in my backpack which was on my back. My bow was in a bow-sling over my neck and shoulder. I was trying to figure out what in the world to do. I looked back up. The deer was looking off in the woods. I figured I could probably get my stuff off somehow or another. I tried reaching around to slowly get my bow sling off first. It just wouldn't come off. I looked back up and the deer was gone! I looked around again to double check. I slowly stood up. Didn't see nothing in the food plot. Wasn't sure where it went. Then I heard something in the clear cut to the left of me. the clear cut runs down to the edge of the food plot. It is thicker than caro syrup! I heard something and was looking -- sure enough! A deer was in the bushes eating like they always do! I slowly squatted down again. I took took a step back and got myself closer to the edge of the path I was on to hide myself some more. I just could NOT get my stuff off my shoulder and back. I have no idea why. LOL I peaked back up - the deer was only 15 yards away. This would've been SOOOO easy. I think it was a doe. Wasn't sure yet. But I was having a tough time deciding whether or not to take my bow off, take the bow sling off, get an arrow out, then unzip my back pack to get my release out. I was worried that by the time I did all that the deer would be in my lap! So I took a deep breath and thought "I'm gonna be mad at myself, but what do I do?" So I slowly stood up but kept crouched down and walked slowly down the path and to my stand. It had to have seen me. It didn't blow at me and it didn't appear to have run off.  But it could have and I just didn't hear it as I climbed my stand. I was hurrying to get up in the stand.

Finally got in my stand and got set up.  Didn't see anything until 6:55pm. A small doe had come out into the food plot to eat. She was EXTREMELY skiddish. She went back into the woods after 10 minutes. Finally another doe came out of the clear cut and into the food plot. Then another deer. So I was watching 2 deer come towards my end of the food plot. I put my release on the loop and scooted to the edge of my seat. I was ready.  Time was at stake b/c it was ALMOST too dark to shoot. They kept getting closer. After another 5 minutes, she was finally in range.  I checked my pin site and kept watcing her.  I waited until she got quartered away from me so I knew I would get lungs and hopefully heart!  Well.....*sigh*....I didn't take a shot. It was too dark and I didn't want to risk it. I was aggravated. But that's huntin. 

Didn't go Sunday.

Monday - that's a whole other animal. I almost got shot at by some idiot at our other honey hole we go to. This man lets us hunt is 15 acres behind his house in another county. Phillip and I were putting up a 2 seater
stand and clearing out small trees and limbs for a shooting lanes. We had been working for an hour or so.  Well we swapped so that I was on the ground and Phillip was in the stand telling me what to cut. All of a
sudden, a small 22 rang out. We froze. We heard the bullets hitting the leaves  and woods towards the end of our food plot.  Sounded like the man shot something small. Sounded like we heard a small yelp or squeal. Maybe he shot a coyote or racoon (racoons aint in season yet!).  It didn't seem far off. Heard the bullets through the leaves. We waited a good minute or so. We figured he stopped. So I walked on down into the food plot and up into the woods where the trail camera was. Phillip wanted to have a clear shot from the stand into the woods where they come from.  So as I wave my arms to show him where I was, the shots rang out again! I ducked down...the bullets were coming through. Phillip hollars at him to stop. That people were over here in the woods and that his bullets were coming through the woods. Guess he got mad and he deliberately started shooting like crazy again! The bullets were whizzing through the woods to my right....They were hitting leaves and limbs a few yards from me. I ducked behind a tree!! He wouldn't stop and I screamed "STOP SHOOTING!!" b/c those bullets were getting close! He finally stopped long enough for me to come out. We got on the 4 wheeler and went back to the truck and waited. Called the land owner. Ended up trying to go back 3 times and everytime we got back there on the 4wheeler and shut it off, he would start shooting again. We ended up calling the deputy up the road. She came out and we explained what happened. We just wanted someone there to help us.  The deputy went to his house. He says he wasn't shooting. So he denied it. He was the only one home and the other neighbor wasn't home.  That was enough for us to leave and not come back. Deputy came back to us and talked with us while we loaded up the truck.  We got all our stuff up and left. We'll go back another day and get the stand. We won't be going back. We can't risk getting shot!!

That night we went to the hunting club. I sat in my climber in an oak bottom. Didn't see or hear a thing. It was boring. Tough weekend. Next weekend should be better -- the moon phase will be changing and hopefully giving us better chances at some deer. 

More to come.........

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