Wednesday, September 22, 2010

UPDATE: Bloody Arrow

Well – they found my deer last night.   One of the guys was out there hunting and shot a doe. Upon looking for her they found mine.  She ran 300 yards away from where I shot her. The coyotes already got to her.  One of the guys said I must have gotten excited b/c the entry hole was near her hind quarters on the left side and came out behind the other hind quarters. That would explain no blood trail!

Phillip and I kept thinking about the shot.  One of two things happened:
1 - my face mask deflected the arrow when I squeezed the trigger. Causing it to fly slightly to the right.


2 - One of the mechanical blades on my Ramcat broadhead was popped open and not down. So when I squeezed the trigger to let the arrow fly, that third blade was catching the wind differently - making it steer right.

Either way - I'm dying to get back out there and do it again! Gotta get some meat in the freezer!

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