Monday, September 27, 2010

Lone Hunter...I mean, Huntress

It's the third weekend of bow season. I left Phillip at home Saturday morning (he was “on call” for work so he stayed at the house) and headed to the huntin club. Went to a lock on way in the back of the property. Its right on the property line. It overlooks a little food plot. I'm surrounded by white oaks and a clear cut to my left.  At 7:05am I saw a deer walk from another lock on that is about 100 yards opposite of me.  The deer  walked to me…through the food plot and then right by my stand. It went up the road/path that I come in from. I couldn’t tell if it was a small button head that hadn’t broke skin yet. I let it walk. Then 15 min later a little button head walked right underneath me. He walked to the food plot and nibbled. Then went into the woods. Little while later I took a bathroom break in the stand (LOL). Then 8 something, I watched a small deer in the woods…..just on the other side of our property line. Looked like a small doe. She was too far in the woods and too many branches in the way to make a shot. I got down at 9:30am b/c my bladder was screaming again. Saw some “speed meat” on my way back to camp. Would've shot it but it's not season yet!  LOL

I didn’t go huntin' Saturday afternoon b/c me and phillip went to another county that we hunt and planted 2 food plots. We were hot, nasty, and tired from that. So we went home. It is just too hot right now!!  We didn’t go Sunday afternoon since it was raining. We planted those food plots at perfect timing! Rain will do them some good!

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