Monday, September 20, 2010

Bloody Arrow

Saturday morning I headed back to food plot #4 (where I was last weekend). Climbed up the tree and got in the lock-on. Strapped on my safety harness to the tree. Got everything out. Sprayed down again with cover scent. Sat down and the last thing I had to do was put on my face mask. As I slipped it over my head, I realized it was breaking day…..but still dark. As I put my hat back over my head and slipped my pony tail through, I looked down the food plot to my right and noticed a dark spot out there. I sat still for a few seconds and starred at it....trying to see if it was moving or not. Sure enough it was! I didn’t even have time to txt Phillip to let him know I had gotten to the stand ok. I was the only one hunting the new side of the property – phillip and the 2 North Carolina guys were on the other side away from me. So I had it ALL to myself! Anyways --- so the dark spot is moving. I verify it’s a deer. It comes into the food plot down the middle. Slowly. Eating as it walks. It comes towards me and gets closer. I can start to see a little better. Nothing else has come into the food plot. I kept checking its head – no buttons. It’s a small doe. As she gets to my one o’clock position, I decided I will shoot her. I let her walk around to my 10 o’clock. I picked my bow up twice....each time the top cam swipes across the leaves in the tree that come around over my head. She looked around, but NEVER up at me. So I draw back again, put the pin on her shoulder. THWACK! She takes off running around in the food plot. Her tail is tucked and she is running crazy!! Her ears are tucked back as well. She hits the woods to my right and I hear her crashing and running around…..she makes her way further into the woods behind me. I turn around in my stand. I can hear her still crashing, but getting slower. The last sound I hear comes from over my left shoulder. I txt Phillip. I get down 35 minutes later. Got to the ground. Found my arrow on the ground COVERED in blood. It was a sure shot!! But I look around in the food plot and didn’t see any blood on the dirt. So I walked back to the 4wheeler where I had parked it. Rode back to camp on the other side. Put some stuff up. Waited on Phillip and other club members to go help us find her.  All 5 of us looked in the food plot. NOTHING. Couldn’t find any blood. . The woods behind my stand start to slant downhill and go into a creek bottom. We couldn’t find no signs of blood or her. We never could find her.

I shot her at 11 yards. Bad thing was she was quartered TO me, not away from me. I should’ve been more patient and let her turn some more. It was fun and I’m ready to do it again. Just hate I couldn’t find her. The rest of the day we planted 10 food plots. We didn’t leave until 8:00pm. we were very hot, tired, and aggravated! So we didn’t get to hunt Saturday night and on Sunday we didn’t go at all. We needed a break from the heat!

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