Monday, September 13, 2010

2010 Bow Season Begins

I hope ya’ll can keep a secret! Saturday mornin I didn't see nothin. Neither did Phillip. Saturday evening I went to a food plot on the other side of the property. It had some old left over, knocked down corn stalks. Not many at all. It was a big food plot though. Few peas coming out of the ground and TONS of American Beauty bushes around! I ended up seeing two fawns and a mama. They were fun to watch. Mama just better be glad she had to fawns with her or else she would be at the processor! Then - right at PRIME TIME.....a buck came out to my right. He was 48 yards away. He came to the edge of the food plot. I saw antlers and my heart started racing. He turned and went to his right (further away from me). He ate in some green grass stuff for a while. Had to wait until I didn't see him anymore to get down. Then Sunday night, I watched the same mama and 2 fawns. They ate all around the food plot and in the bushes right below me for the longest time. Then at 8:19pm, I looked to my right and I barely saw 2 dark spots moving. I picked up the binos and quickly saw one of em was a buck! Not sure if it was the same one b/c it was so dark I couldn't tell. Well -- I thought it was still barely daylight b/c the moon had everything lit up! I couldn't tell what the other deer was. If it was a buck, it didn't have antlers like the other one in front of it. So i kept my eyes on the one buck. I put the binos down. Struggled to put my release on my loop cuz I couldn't see. Both deer walked down the middle of the food plot my way. As soon as the buck walked at my 1 o'clock where some brush hid me, I drew back. Then he stepped out into the opening I had....and I went to look through my peep site to put a pin on him...I couldn't see nothin!! I was like "HUH?" so I looked again through my peep -- NOTHIN! so I looked back at him with both eyes - I could see him right there...about 18 yards. I saw him enough to know it was him!! But I looked at my bow and my fiber optic sites weren't glowing at all anymore!! As bad as I wanted to pull that trigger -- I didn't. I let off and was sick to my stomach. But its a good thing I didn't shoot and miss or shoot and wound him. I wanted him so bad! But I didn't mess up this spot. Besides, I didn’t realize it was dark and past the legal shooting time! LOL Dang moon will play tricks on ya! LOL So iInow have me a good huntin spot to keep a close eye on! I'll be back to that food plot again! Keep your fingers crossed for me and say a prayer!!

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