Thursday, April 8, 2010


CRAP is for "crappie."  Some of you may know 'em as white perch.  We've been trying to hit up one of our local lakes for crappie.  It's kinda hard though to catch 'em out there sometimes because there are so many people out there riding boats, tubing, jet skiing, water skiing, etc.  So the lake gets pretty active.  But we still try anyway since it's close to the house.  We really need to go to Lake Oconee where we can get our limit, which is 30 per person!! We need to load up the boat! Anyways - these pics are from last Thursday. I rushed home from work and changed clothes. My sweet hubby had everything ready and all my tackle and fishing poles in the boat.  His dad came along with us.  It was beautiful weather and felt so good to get on the water.  I put the first crappie in the boat using a white hal fly.  Phillip put the second one in the boat using black/blue chartreusse jig.  We hit a couple different coves and finally put some in the boat towards dark at the last cove we went to.  We ended up with only 12 in the livewell. But it's better than NONE at all!! But if we were catching mosquitos, we would have limited out! I had more skeeter bites than crappie bites!! You guessed it, I forgot the THERMACELL! DUH!  We went out again Easter weekend for a bit. I only stayed for an hour or two. I had to get back home and prepare Easter lunch for the next day.  I did catch one good size crappie and missed another one.  Everybody is catching them on the black/blue chartreusse jig.  Although I have been using a blue/white chartreusse jig.  They love that chartreusse tail!! Well - I hope we can really lay into them soon and get some REALLY good pics!

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