Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fishin', Scoutin', and Bloggin'

We went fishing last Thursday at one of our local lakes, Lake Tobosofkee ("Tobo" for short). It was a beautiful day, but not many boats in the parking lot.  We hit several coves before we got the first crappie in the boat.  By the end of the evening, we ended up with only 2 crappie and 1 twelve inch bass in the livewell. So we threw them back and would wait until we had our limit to keep and clean 'em.

I also have one particular story about that evening....I caught a decent size bass bare handed!!! Here’s the story……. we came out of this cove and we were just drifting while Phillip was messing around with his new fish finder. Well, I noticed something and he said "it looks like a dead fish." So as we drifted closer, he noticed fins were still moving. We drifted closer and closer and realized it was a bass. It was floating upside down...belly at the top of the water....fins barely moving.

Well, I realized it wasn't all that small! So Phillip said, "Pick it up!" I leaned over the side of the boat and couldn't quite get his mouth opened and I guess I spooked it so he slowly swam back down a few feet.  So Phillip kept messing with his fish finder and I kept looking for the bass to float back to the top, which it did and I saw it on the other side of the boat. So Phillip trolled closer to it and I reached over the side of the boat and I couldn't get his mouth open so I just picked it up with both my hands and put it in the boat. So then I opened its mouth and was like "OMG!! OMG! I've never held one this big before!! And it was the easiest one I’ve ever caught!!" HAHA!
And that’s when we noticed this junky stuff on the side of its gills. And its eyes were sunk in. It wasn't healthy at all.

So phillip took a couple pics of me holding it. And after I played a prank text on my mom, we put it back in the water. I guess it was diseased.  But it was still fun pretending.

Then this past Sunday, we went out to our huntin club to take a tour of some property we will be hunting on this year. It was BEAUTIFUL!!  Tons of areas where the white oaks and pines meet!! There are some GREAT spots to hunt out there!! I can't wait!! There was just too many good spots to choose from!!  Well, along our ride down the main 4wheeler road, I found a turkey egg just laying there.  Since I didn't want a coyote to eat it, I brought it home. If I had an incubator I'd baby it until it hatched!  But oh well. I am thinking about tapping a small needle in the top and draining it out so I can keep the egg.

On our tour to food plot # 6, we came around the corner and low and behold was THREE gobblers! Of course we spooked 'em.  They ran and flew off and I watched in amazement!! I was like a kid doped up on candy the rest of the afternoon!! I was so excited and now I am pumped about going out and shooting me one!! I hope I can go in the morning!  If I do, I'll be sure to post pics and a story!! Hopefully a video too!  

Thursday, April 8, 2010


CRAP is for "crappie."  Some of you may know 'em as white perch.  We've been trying to hit up one of our local lakes for crappie.  It's kinda hard though to catch 'em out there sometimes because there are so many people out there riding boats, tubing, jet skiing, water skiing, etc.  So the lake gets pretty active.  But we still try anyway since it's close to the house.  We really need to go to Lake Oconee where we can get our limit, which is 30 per person!! We need to load up the boat! Anyways - these pics are from last Thursday. I rushed home from work and changed clothes. My sweet hubby had everything ready and all my tackle and fishing poles in the boat.  His dad came along with us.  It was beautiful weather and felt so good to get on the water.  I put the first crappie in the boat using a white hal fly.  Phillip put the second one in the boat using black/blue chartreusse jig.  We hit a couple different coves and finally put some in the boat towards dark at the last cove we went to.  We ended up with only 12 in the livewell. But it's better than NONE at all!! But if we were catching mosquitos, we would have limited out! I had more skeeter bites than crappie bites!! You guessed it, I forgot the THERMACELL! DUH!  We went out again Easter weekend for a bit. I only stayed for an hour or two. I had to get back home and prepare Easter lunch for the next day.  I did catch one good size crappie and missed another one.  Everybody is catching them on the black/blue chartreusse jig.  Although I have been using a blue/white chartreusse jig.  They love that chartreusse tail!! Well - I hope we can really lay into them soon and get some REALLY good pics!