Thursday, March 18, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Cake


So.  Isn't it obvious?  I've been watching TOO much CAKE BOSS!!!  OMG!!  Buddy makes some MARVELOUS cakes!!! I LOVE IT!  So I guess you could say I got frisky and wanted to make my own fondant cake. And what better time than St. Patrick's Day??'s my FIRST fondant cake ever.

I colored my cake mix two different shades of green.  Cooked my cake mix, let it cool.  Then the next night I started kneading the fondant and mixed in a light shade of green.  Once I layered the light green shade fondant over the cake, I set the top cake piece on top of the larger cake piece.  I then colored some more fondant a darker green and kneaded it all together until I had a darker shade of green for the shamrocks.  I used a VERY VERY small heart shaped cookie cutter to make each leaf of the shamrock.  Place three of them next to each other and BAM! A SHAMROCK! For the stems, I just cut very small strips and placed them on next.  Then, I piddled with GUM PASTE.  That stuff is weird.  Not sure if I'm crazy about it.  But once I had some in a non-sticky consistancy, I kneaded in some yellow and orange food coloring, rolled it out, then used the top of an orange juice container to "cut out" round circles. I then placed my coins on the cake.  Then I topped them off with some yellow, edible pixie dust.  I tried to cover the shamrocks in green pixie dust, but it wasn't showing up well.  Then I placed skittles all around the edges.  I mixed up water and confectioner's sugar and piped a small line around the lower edge. Then placed the skittles on the sugar. That way, once the sugared icing dried up, the skittles would be "stuck" to it.  So there it is! Sounds simple, but LORD it was a task. 

Wonder if I could make another cake...with trees....some deer....candy corn....and a HUNTRESS on the prowl!! Mmmm!! Sounds delicious to me!!

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