Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Purty? Or Dinner?

I really can't decide....is he just purty?  Or could he be dinner?  Just can't shoot one until this saturday, the 20th! So I guess he'll just have to be purty for now!! 

Seriously though, I was in God's country this weekend......south Georgia, where everything is slower, more relaxed, and a lot more prettier because of the greenery.  I mean, uh, scenery!  I really enjoy going back "home" to see my family and friends and getting out of the hectic city I live in.  This past weekend, my best friend and I decided to ride around the woods and take pictures.  When we went next door to her brother-in-law's house, I quickly spotted a solid white turkey!  I just had to get pictures with him.  Even though I usually see these things featherless and skinless in the grocery store, he was just purty to look at.  I really enjoyed the experience of hearing him gobble, strut, and drum right in front of me!! I did try to catch him a time or two, but he was too quick and I didn't want to step in any chicken or turkey poo.  The female turkey stayed away from us while we harrassed this young'n for a couple of shots.

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The Rabid Outdoorsman said...

He looks delicious . . . but that ain't no Eastern!!

Heading to Florida in a few weeks to hunt Oceolas! Can't wait, already have my snake chaps and alligator repellent. LOL!