Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Treat For Me

Last weekend’s break from hunting was much needed for both Phillip and I. So I was ready to put my game face on for a very chilly Halloween weekend. I packed on the CLOTHES thick!! We pulled out from the house at Saturday morning at 5:45am. Had about a 30-45 minute drive. I was getting things ready in my backpack as we drove down the interstate to Twiggs County. I suddenly realized that I didn’t grab my snake boots and Phillip didn’t pick them up either. I know I probably didn’t need them with this cold weather, but last time I “almost didn’t wear” them was in 2008 when I had a personal encounter with a 5ft Timber Rattler. AND not to mention it happened on the way to the same stand I was gonna hunt that morning! I figured I would be ok in my rubber boots for a cold morning hunt. Another 5 minutes goes by and realize I left my cell phone at the house too! The morning was NOT starting off right at all! We finally got to the huntin club. I sure was craving some hot, yummy coffee…but we all know what will happen if I drink that! So I had to pass on the fluids for the morning. Phillip let me borrow his cell phone and he used his work phone. We geared up and pinned in our spots on the map. Phillip went to the stand he killed his big 9pt buck out of last year and I went back to the INFAMOUS “P” stand! (“P”= pee….don’t ask! LOL) This is the stand I hunted religiously last year. But also the same stand I mentioned above where I killed my snake in ’08; the same stand I had a granddaddy long leg crawl down my face; a squirrel almost land in my lap; a funky spike walk right underneath me; , and many more great moments I won’t have time to mention. The stand is in a great spot! It’s right in the middle of white oaks; clear cut to the left; pines to the right. It’s a really long walk from camp, but it’s always worth it.

I haven’t hunted this stand this year yet, but I was ready to get back to a familiar place. I made really good timing getting to the stand. Phillip hunted it the night before and told me he had a young 8 point buck sneak up behind him. The buck came in and was smelling the CODE BLUE scent lure that Phillip dragged in. But Phillip let him walk because he looked a little too young for him to shoot. Not to mention our club rule: “You shoot him, you mount him!” So I remembered his story about the buck as I climbed up the tree. I took my time getting in a secured position. I felt like I was in an astronaut suite! It was cold and I didn’t want to rush myself. I strapped my safety harness to the tree, hung my back pack up, and took a deep breath as I sat down and lowered the shooting rail over my head. I took my buck grunt out and maneuvered it over the clothes on my left arm. This was my only choice since this grunt didn’t come with a neck string. I didn’t know what to do with it and I knew I would need it. The elastic band came in handy. I then placed my gun in my lap and propped the barrel on the rail for a quick and easy aim. I got everything settled in. I took a deep breath and slipped my neck gator up over my mouth. I was very warm and was looking forward to a great morning. I rest my head back and gazed up at the stars. I see an airplane and watch its lights flicker. It was beautiful. The stars are prettier than diamonds. But day was breaking.

About 10 minutes after daylight, I lost patience. I picked up my left arm and blew in the buck grunt a few times. I really wanted to see if I could draw in that 8 point that Phillip saw the night before. I laid my arm back down in my lap and waited. The squirrels were rustling in the leaves and birds were looking for breakfast. I was really hoping nothing would sneak in behind me. I guess it was about 20 minutes later when I hear something in the pines to my right. It was about my one o’clock position. I watched intently. Something is walking in the pine straw and some limbs popped. I focus harder. Then…I see brown fur through the trees!! I slowly rest my arms down off the rail and put my hands on my gun. I watch and wait. It takes a few more steps but I couldn’t see anything. It was making its way in the pines and getting closer. I waited some more. I see brown fur step out from the pines and cross the foot path (still at my one o’clock). I saw something white! And NO not his tail….yep --- antlers! I didn’t even see how many. I just KNEW this was that 8 point buck Phillip saw. The buck sniffs on some bushes where Phillip had that CODE BLUE. I am now shaking and breathing heavier….I gripped my gun tighter and kept my eye on him hard. I slowly lifted my gun up to get ready. He would stop and look in my direction…but I think he was looking past me on ground level. He sniffed some more and was looking around. He was behind several bushes and a big oak tree. I lifted my gun up some more to get it level. He is now at my twelve o’clock. His head peeps out behind the tree. I see antlers. I don’t know how many! I didn’t care! He was a big deer and I wanted him! He looked up again to scope the area. He looks my way again and I froze! I was shaking worse and I could NOT get any air in my lungs! I kept taking deep breaths but I swear I couldn’t breathe! I stayed still….he looked my way again. He finally lowered his head. He decided what he wanted wasn’t there and turned around. My heart sank as he started to walk back the way he came. But I wasn’t giving up! My IMMEDIATE thought was “Nuh-uh! You aint getting away from me!” I picked my left arm up and blew in the grunt twice. My hand quickly found my gun as I watched him slowly walk around some bushes and a few trees. I placed my gun on the rail and secured it in my right shoulder. I lowered my head and made sure I wasn’t too close to the scope. I look up again and I now have a clear view of his head and body. I rest my cheek on the stock and keep both eyes open to watch him. He stops and lowers his head behind a tree….leaving enough left shoulder and the rest of his body for me to shoot. I’m shaking and my heart beat is the loudest thing I could hear. As soon as he stopped behind that tree, I didn’t hesitate. My cheek was already on the stock and I closed my left eye. I put the crosshairs on him. I squeezed the trigger and let him have a bullet from my .270! He kicks his back legs and white tail goes up! He runs off! I tried to reload but my gun was stuck. I look up and listen. I heard him running, then it got quiet. THEN, I heard a loud crash! I squeezed my fists and looked up and said “THANK YOU JESUS! Lord I hope I didn’t miss him!” And I almost cried of excitement! I knew I had him! But I was nervous I missed. So I sat there in disbelief for a minute or two. I txt Phillip’s work phone: “I shot him! God I hope I didn’t miss!” Our texts continued for the next 5 minutes. It was 7:45am when I shot him. I called my mom and woke her up in the bed and whispered “HEY! I just shot a buck!” We talked for a few minutes and I told her the story! I hung up with her and Phillip wanted me to get down and look for blood. It had been 20-30 minutes, so I figured it would be safe to go look. I left my back pack in the tree, reloaded my gun, and climbed down. I was so excited! My feet touched the ground and I was pumped! I walked down to where I thought I shot him. I couldn’t find any blood! There’s a creek that wraps around and my heart sunk again. I sure hope he didn’t cross that creek ditch. I kept walking back around the edge of white oaks and pine trees. There was an evident path to the right. I kept my eyes peeled. I was feeling sick to my stomach. No blood. I walked 40 yards. I looked up and there were some briars right in front of me. I had a feeling. That wasn’t the path I needed to take. So I stepped to the right to go around it. I looked down as I watched my step……BLOOD! We got blood! I text Phillip to let him know. I followed a decent trail of blood drops that led me into the pines. I walked another 20 yards. I look up and find this small green bush splattered with blood! My eyes got as big as pancakes! I stared at it forever! I think I even squealed! I stopped and went back the way I came. Phillip said he was on the way and wanted me to meet him. So I went back to my stand and got my back pack down. I took off some layers and set everything, but my gun, there by a pine tree. I took my camera out of my back pack and had it ready. I walked back towards camp and met Phillip. We walked back down the trail to my stand as I told him my story! He kept asking questions and I was just too excited to answer! We got to the stand and I re-enacted everything for him. I handed him the camera to hold. I had another bullet chambered just in case we jumped in. I took Phillip back to where I found blood and showed him what it led me too. After he saw the splattered blood on the bush, he noticed a blanket of pine straw right behind it that was kicked up and turned over. It led us to more blood. We walked another 10 yards. Phillip was in front of me looking on the ground. We followed the blood through the pines. It was gorgeous in there! Phillip was watching the ground. So I looked up and took a quick survey around us. I see him! I whispered a shout “PHILLIP! PHILLIP! THERE HE IS!” I point to the left another 5 yards away! There he was lying on the ground! Phillip turned around and we hugged with excitement! SMOOCHES and HUGS! We practically ran to him and I had no idea he was as big as he was. He was HUGE to me! We high-fived as I grabbed a set of 9 points! He was beautiful! He had a big neck and body! He weighed about 200lbs. We were both tickled pink! We snapped a couple of pictures right there where I found him! We were stunned! Phillip confirmed that this buck is NOT the 8 point buck he saw the night before. It was definitely two different deer and I shot the bigger one! The entry wound was further back than where I wanted it. It’s in his mid section. It blew through his ribs, blew out a lung, and came out right in front of his right shoulder! The bullet didn’t get any guts! So the shot was better than we thought! Our celebration began as we headed back to camp for the four-wheeler. We watched the taxidermist (Travis) cape him out and clean everything out of him. I was in amazement and was right there next to him while he was cleaning him up. I touched his wind pipe and his heart. Saw his blown up lung. And got more educated about deer parts as Travis cut away. I was so intrigued (and HAPPY)!!! He will be shoulder mounted and proudly displayed in our living room with Phillip’s buck! I can’t wait! It was a great morning and I thank God for these moments and for allowing us to enjoy the time in the woods. Hard hunting pays off and makes up for all the bad days! Last time I shot a buck was a small 6 point back in 2007. I KNEW I would see something better sooner or later out of my “P” stand! What a great Halloween treat!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Pickin Up The Rifles

It was a tough weekend for me. Rifle season opened up and lots of outta-town club members showed up to hunt. I took my bow Saturday morning and hunted a food plot. Didn't see nothing. I have no idea why I hunted a food plot. I should've been in some oaks somewhere, although the acorns haven't started dropping hard yet. But the deer are moving through there. It was quiet Saturday morning where I was. I did hear a few gun shots off in the distance so somebody got to take home some deer!

Saturday night I sat in a BIG, comfy condo stand! Lots of room to spread out and be comfortable! It was a nice change from those lock-on stands I've been sitting in. I had plenty of room for my STUFF! The stand was amongst a jungle of brush and white oaks. About 150-200 yards out in front of me is a food plot. I could see a little bit of green. But not much. We need some rain bad!  Well I didn't see anything that night either.

Sunday night I went to a BEAUTIFUL oak bottom that is downhill on the property side...nobody has hunted down there yet. I was excited....until I got in this stand. I probably shouldn't be posting this, b/c this is NOT safe hunting! Treestand safety says not to sit in any homemade stands. Well....I sat in one. It was only about 13 feet high. Very small platform with an old office swivel chair that was screwed down securely into the stand. I hated not being higher up in the tree...but worse than that- my feet were half on and half off the platform. It was a small space. At least I had arm rests to prop on.  But I felt like I was leaning forward the entire evening! I was very uncomfortable. But I toughed it out and sat patiently.  I checked out SEVERAL of the trees in there and I'll be going back with my climber! Had a frisky squirrel jump in my tree and I heard him coming down towards me. I could tell he was running closer and closer down towards me. He got so close I could hear him purring. It freaked me out! So I moved a little bit to scare him off.  LOL I just don't want to risk a squirrel jumping on me in the stand! LOL I never did see any deer that night (wonder why!).  I didn't realize it was dark when it was! I figured I would get down b/c it was too dark in the oak bottom for me to see. It looked like it was still daylight above the pines behind me. So I stook up to get my gear together and something bright and shiney was gleaming down on me and the rest of the trees. I looked up.....the moon! Dawg-gone-it!  Moon played tricks on me again! So I laughed and made my journey back up the steep hill that helped make up my lack of exercise that week! It was a beast to go up!

We had a couple of other guys shoot some deer that weekend. One guy shot a BIG 8 pointer with his bow. A 17year old outta town club member shot a 7 pointer! He and his dad were tickled pink! And we were all excited for them! They were giggling like girls the rest of the night! It was awesome for them to share that together this past weekend down here in Georgia!

Well I might take this next weekend off. I need a break. And rut will be kicking in soon! Things will be getting wild out there! Sure can't wait!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Columbus Weekend Update

Saturday morning I sat in a stand that I haven't yet hunted this year.  I've sat in it the past two years, but never saw much out of it.  But my hubby always did.  Anyhow, I didn't see nothing that morning. Only heard one walking through the pines at daybreak. It stopped and pee'd. Then later on I heard one blowing in the
distance. She was raising cain. Probably blowing at a coyote or something.  She wasn't close enough to see me. It is pretty thick back off behind me where she was.  So I figured she was blowing at another animal.

Saturday evening I went back to the tall 30ft lock on I've been hunting on the property line. I keep seeing small deer out of this stand. This is the stand that I spooked a turkey out of the other weekend.  As I was walking to the stand, I had about 100 yards to go. I topped the path and took one last look before I went downhill into the bottom. I glazed over the clear cut and what little bit of the food plot I could see. There was a deer standing there in the food plot end closest to my stand. I froze and slowly squatted down. I didn't know what to do. My release was in my backpack which was on my back. My bow was in a bow-sling over my neck and shoulder. I was trying to figure out what in the world to do. I looked back up. The deer was looking off in the woods. I figured I could probably get my stuff off somehow or another. I tried reaching around to slowly get my bow sling off first. It just wouldn't come off. I looked back up and the deer was gone! I looked around again to double check. I slowly stood up. Didn't see nothing in the food plot. Wasn't sure where it went. Then I heard something in the clear cut to the left of me. the clear cut runs down to the edge of the food plot. It is thicker than caro syrup! I heard something and was looking -- sure enough! A deer was in the bushes eating like they always do! I slowly squatted down again. I took took a step back and got myself closer to the edge of the path I was on to hide myself some more. I just could NOT get my stuff off my shoulder and back. I have no idea why. LOL I peaked back up - the deer was only 15 yards away. This would've been SOOOO easy. I think it was a doe. Wasn't sure yet. But I was having a tough time deciding whether or not to take my bow off, take the bow sling off, get an arrow out, then unzip my back pack to get my release out. I was worried that by the time I did all that the deer would be in my lap! So I took a deep breath and thought "I'm gonna be mad at myself, but what do I do?" So I slowly stood up but kept crouched down and walked slowly down the path and to my stand. It had to have seen me. It didn't blow at me and it didn't appear to have run off.  But it could have and I just didn't hear it as I climbed my stand. I was hurrying to get up in the stand.

Finally got in my stand and got set up.  Didn't see anything until 6:55pm. A small doe had come out into the food plot to eat. She was EXTREMELY skiddish. She went back into the woods after 10 minutes. Finally another doe came out of the clear cut and into the food plot. Then another deer. So I was watching 2 deer come towards my end of the food plot. I put my release on the loop and scooted to the edge of my seat. I was ready.  Time was at stake b/c it was ALMOST too dark to shoot. They kept getting closer. After another 5 minutes, she was finally in range.  I checked my pin site and kept watcing her.  I waited until she got quartered away from me so I knew I would get lungs and hopefully heart!  Well.....*sigh*....I didn't take a shot. It was too dark and I didn't want to risk it. I was aggravated. But that's huntin. 

Didn't go Sunday.

Monday - that's a whole other animal. I almost got shot at by some idiot at our other honey hole we go to. This man lets us hunt is 15 acres behind his house in another county. Phillip and I were putting up a 2 seater
stand and clearing out small trees and limbs for a shooting lanes. We had been working for an hour or so.  Well we swapped so that I was on the ground and Phillip was in the stand telling me what to cut. All of a
sudden, a small 22 rang out. We froze. We heard the bullets hitting the leaves  and woods towards the end of our food plot.  Sounded like the man shot something small. Sounded like we heard a small yelp or squeal. Maybe he shot a coyote or racoon (racoons aint in season yet!).  It didn't seem far off. Heard the bullets through the leaves. We waited a good minute or so. We figured he stopped. So I walked on down into the food plot and up into the woods where the trail camera was. Phillip wanted to have a clear shot from the stand into the woods where they come from.  So as I wave my arms to show him where I was, the shots rang out again! I ducked down...the bullets were coming through. Phillip hollars at him to stop. That people were over here in the woods and that his bullets were coming through the woods. Guess he got mad and he deliberately started shooting like crazy again! The bullets were whizzing through the woods to my right....They were hitting leaves and limbs a few yards from me. I ducked behind a tree!! He wouldn't stop and I screamed "STOP SHOOTING!!" b/c those bullets were getting close! He finally stopped long enough for me to come out. We got on the 4 wheeler and went back to the truck and waited. Called the land owner. Ended up trying to go back 3 times and everytime we got back there on the 4wheeler and shut it off, he would start shooting again. We ended up calling the deputy up the road. She came out and we explained what happened. We just wanted someone there to help us.  The deputy went to his house. He says he wasn't shooting. So he denied it. He was the only one home and the other neighbor wasn't home.  That was enough for us to leave and not come back. Deputy came back to us and talked with us while we loaded up the truck.  We got all our stuff up and left. We'll go back another day and get the stand. We won't be going back. We can't risk getting shot!!

That night we went to the hunting club. I sat in my climber in an oak bottom. Didn't see or hear a thing. It was boring. Tough weekend. Next weekend should be better -- the moon phase will be changing and hopefully giving us better chances at some deer. 

More to come.........

Friday, October 8, 2010

I Love War Paint (& Hunting!)

I had left work Thursday afternoon and went straight home. Threw all the chili mixin's in the crock pot, let the dog out, changed clothes, and loaded up the truck, and got some drinks in a small cooler in about 15 minutes. I just couldn't get to the huntin club fast enough. Left the house and had to put my "makeup" on in the truck. Finally got there and Phillip was already at his stand.  Thank God I wore short sleeves because it was HOT! I threw my zip up jacket in my back pack just in case. Loaded all my gear. Game face was ON!

I didn't rush to the stand. I had a good walk to get there, but it was already 5:00 something. I took my time down the gravel dirt road, keeping my eyes peeled for snakes. It was pretty hot and the sun had the insects buzzing again. I tried not to make much noise as I crept around the corners and down the road, listening to everything around me. I was getting closer to my stand. About 100-150 more yards to go. I heard a flock of dove jump up and whistle off somewhere in front of me. I looked up to see them fearfully flying out of the food plot. So I stopped to watch. Wasn't sure if any deer had beat me down there. I took a few more steps. Then something MUCH bigger jumped up and flew off!!! A TURKEY! I was excited! (sure can't wait to shoot one). So I eased down the hill, and around the oaks and clear cut edge. I slowly walked in, checking out the place. Left to Right. Food plot looks good and the clear cut sure is thick! It was hard to see in there. But all was clear. (so I thought) I took a deep breath and started up the tree. Took my time for safety reasons. Finally reached the top. Whewee! Caught a whiff of my arm pits as I reached up to grab the last climbing stick. Scent-free deodorant is useless.  Doesn't cover B.O. smell. And REAL deoderant is nothing BUT smell! 

Thank GOD for long legs. I stretched over and stood on the lock-on platform. Hung my bow up on a climbing stick, secured my safety vest to the tree, and then set my back pack in the seat. I quickly took out some MUZZY Bow Hunters Set up and sprayed all around me and the leaves! I had to cover up the B.O. that was lurking from my body. I screwed in the EZ Hanger. Set my backpack on it. Took my bow sling off my bow and hung it up. Sprayed myself one last time with SCENT AWAY Earth Scent. I slowly turned around and sat down in the cushion. I felt good. Not a lot of noise, except for the crickets, bees, and sacadas (they sure are loud). Checked the wind one last time. Took 1 arrow out and set it in place on my bow. Strapped my release on my hand. Took out my phone and txt phillip that I was in the stand and ok.

I started to bring up the FISH & GAME FORECAST on my phone whenever I heard something out in front of me. Sure enough I looked up in the woods of the property line and saw a body of brown fur! I quickly put my phone up. Clipped my release on the loop. My left hand gripped the bow handle tightly. I watched. It came out from the wood line into the food plot. Made a quick HEAD CHECK. Yep - it was a dang little spike. It had itty bitty pointy spikes that were about ½ inch long. He looked like a little devil. LOL so I watched him eat. I also watched his body language and after several times of picking his head up, ears up, and watching that clear cut, I knew something else was out there. This has happened all too fast! I JUST got in the stand and put an arrow on and a deer pops out! I had to check the time! it was 5:48pm. Deer were on the move. Prolly shoulda been in the stand a little earlier but I drove as fast as I could from W.R. to Macon to Twiggs county!

The devil spike kept a stiff stance and was locked on the clear cut. I watched out there and kept watching him. I couldn't see any bushes moving in the clear cut. He finally made his way to the edge of the clear cut. Its so thick you can hear them walking and breaking bush branches! I heard the same noise from another area close, but couldn't see what bushes were moving. Them deer sure blend in better than camo! I kept my eyes peeled on the clear cut bushes. FINALLY as the spike takes a few more steps into the bushes, I see he walks right past another deer. I see it! Then I got to thinking: "That deer was in there the whole time I walked by! It sure pays off to be sneaky!" I watched this one since I wasn't gonna shoot devil spikes. It was small. I watched these two for about 30 minutes. I had to make a HEAD CHECK on this little deer. Couldn't tell if it was a button head. But he kept scratching between his eyes and ears --- so I figured if he was a button head, then its probably itching where they're trying to grow. I dunno. Could be wrong. Just a wild blonde guess. He was small. I watched him eat in the food plot and walk around my tree. I didn't feel like shootin a small deer that night, but it was awesome just watching some deer!!

I kept my eyes and ears peeled. Dove would spook off flying. Squirrels were barking. Surely something else was coming?!?! I sat patiently waiting. The flies were getting on my nerves. One wouldn't stop landing on my hand. It was tickling me. It was getting to be around 6:45pm. I heard some people talking off in the distance. Thought it was Phillip and another club buddy. They were talking pretty loud! I was getting frustrated! I hate to move around much at all in my stand. But I couldn't take it any longer!! I slowly reached into my side pants pocket and pulled out my cell phone. I txt phillip and asked him if that was him talking. After I hit the SEND key, I thought I heard a small noise. I put my phone down in my lap, face down. I turned to look over my right shoulder. There's a path that goes back up behind me along the property line. As I turn to look and barely ease my head forward - I saw nothing but dark brown and 4 legs! I couldn't believe it! Of all times I had been moving and sent one stupid txt - there is a deer behind me! Of course when I looked over my shoulder and spotted her, she had spotted me! She was still and locked down in my direction. I froze and watched her. She took a step forward and kept a close watch on me. She didn't blow or run off. She actually took a few more steps forward and walked into the woods to her right (my left). She still walked my way, but she took cover in the woods. She was pretty quiet. She never came out around me. I have no idea where she went but it wasn't anywhere near my shooting range! I was MAD! Mad at myself for worrying about other people talking out there and trying to txt. If I would've sat still, she would've came on down that path, walked right underneath me into the food plot and right into a PERFECT window for me to take a shot!

I took a deep breath. The sun was setting. I saw another deer or the same devil spikes come back out into the food plot on the other end. It was too far away for me to see and I didn't have my binos out. So I waited until it was too dark for me to shoot. I quietly got all my stuff back together and packed up. I headed back to camp empty handed.

**Come to find out - it wasn't Phillip talking. He was still in the stand. He didn't see anything. The people were heard talking was a house that's not too far from the property edge.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Don't drink (coffee) and hunt!

Got off work and headed to the house. Changed into my camo and grabbed my bow…and a cup of coffee! Drove out to the huntin club – anxiety made it seem like a 2 hour drive! Got there in just enough time to see Phillip all packed up and about to walk to his stand. Gave each other a “good luck” smooch and he headed off. I got all my stuff together and walked my way (500+ yards) to the stand in the very back of the property. We call this stand the “persimmon stand” since there is a HUGE persimmon tree right next to the stand. There's a trail camera down there too and got great pics this summer. This had to be the most difficult stand I have ever climbed in! It’s a lock on- about 30 foot high in the tree. But to get to it you have to climb the screw-in tree steps that seem to be spaced 3 feet apart!!! You can pull a butt muscle climbing up this tree! So I took my time and hugged the tree like it was chocolate cake. I did NOT (and COULD not) let go! Finally got up there (typing this is making my hands sweat just thinking about it). Immediately strapped my safety harness in. Got everything set out and last but not least, I put on my special makeup (war paint).  (Didn't want to risk wearing my face mask again and missing another good shot!)

Once I got settled, I realized I was sitting in the wrong stand for the wind direction (it was NNW last night). So it was blowing into my back. I was tempted to stand up and turn around to face the tree the entire time, but I decided to remain seated. Besides, the strap from my best to the tree would've got in my way! Around 6:30pm or so, I had turned to look over my right shoulder and saw a deer in the food plot. Couldn’t keep my head turned that way for a very long time b/c it was killing me! So every few seconds I turned to look. It appeared that the 1st deer went behind some brush, then another one appeared at the far end of the food plot. Then I think they both went into the woods which is the property line. They were a good distance off for a bow shot. But not for a firearm! Not long after that I heard something over my left shoulder. CRUNCH. CRUNCH. I looked to my left and all I can see is tree limbs and leaves. I have tons of cover for me, but was a disadvantage to see anything. But I squinted and found a small opening between the branches and saw nothing but brown fur about 50 yards away. Looked like a big body deer. Couldn’t see the head. It was probably a buck!! But who knows? It didn’t walk my way. Instead “it” walked the opposite way. I was kinda surprised b/c the wind was blowing towards me. I figured “it” would’ve walked with the wind through the oaks, vines, and persimmons. I made sure it wasn’t coming my way before checking out the food plot again that is behind my right shoulder.

I didn’t see anything else until about 20 minutes later. I thought I heard something to my direct right. Nothing. looked over my right shoulder and saw a small deer eating towards this end of the food plot. Watched it and had to make sure it wasn’t a button head. She walked right below me but behind my tree. She looked small. Figured I could take a shot at her once she came to my left but she there was too much brush. I checked over my right shoulder again and saw another small deer coming to the end of the food plot. Looked like another doe. Just had to be sure it wasn’t a button head. Then I saw a BIGGER doe eating at the end of the food plot. “I WANT HER!” is what I thought. So I watched them. About this time my bladder started SCREAMING at me! (dang coffee! NEVER AGAIN!) It got so bad I was shaking!!! I had to concentrate. Both deer took the same path as the first little deer. Mama has a white spot on her right hip. If I had been standing up, facing the tree, I could’ve shot her. (and maybe could’ve relieved myself). But since I was sittin, I had to wait for her to come around behind me. I was a frog’s butt hair away from relieving myself right then and there just so I could STOP shaking to take a shot!!! After much concentration and muscle tightening, the “urge” went away. Ugh…it was horrible! So now I could get back to the deer……they kept walking away from me. they stayed between the clear cut and the line of trees. They never came into the peaceful oaks to hide and eat.

Phillip saw lots of deer too! He even saw a small 7 pointer we captured on camera this past summer. He drew back on a doe!  He whistled three times, but she never stopped. So he couldn’t get a clear shot on her. But we really enjoyed seeing deer tonight!!

Lessons learned here:
1) don’t drink coffee again before a hunt
2) stand up and face the wind – even if it is for a hour and a half
3) go hunting during the week when nobody is there!! you see more deer!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Crazy Week

Its been a crazy week with Phillip’s sisters surgery, watching her 3 kids, and my family coming in town. BUT – we were able to sneak away Saturday for a morning hunt. Weather was BEAUTIFUL and felt great! I had to wear a light zip-up sweat shirt. I went to the same place I’ve been hunting (food plot #4). Phillip went down below camp to his favorite 30ft high stand. I got in the stand WELL before daylight. Had enough time to gaze at the stars and thank GOD for everything He’s given us. When I was strapping my safety vest strap to the tree, I heard a doe at my 11 o’clock softly blowing. Don’t think she smelled me since I am in scent free stuff and I spray myself down good. She must’ve heard me rustling in the tree. So I stopped to listen to her, then I very quickly and quietly finished getting everything set up. It was a beautiful morning and as usual, I watched tons of birds. I got a text from Phillip saying he got all the way to his stand and didn’t have his arrows/quiver on his bow. So he walked all the way back (500 yards) to the truck. He didn’t want to walk back by any other hunters so he stayed at the truck and didn’t hunt. Well, I was hungry and getting sleepy. And I knew I would be due for a bladder relief soon. I never saw anything from the deer stand. So I called it a morning and got down early. Walked out of the food plot and back up the logging road. It goes up-hill and has several “breaks” of dirt piles in the road….not to mention its covered in tall grass/weeds. So I’m headed back up the logging road and as I topped one of the mounds of dirt, I looked up to survey the path….saw something move behind some tall grass. And I immediately stopped. As soon as I stopped, her head popped up. She was broadside to me. With the sun in my face, we stared each other down for 30-45 seconds. I didn’t want to scare her too bad and didn’t want to be aggressive. So after giving her almost a minute, I VERY slowly stepped one foot forward….she turned and took off in the pines! She didn’t blow. So I was glad she finally ran off. I had my release in my back pack and my bow in the bow-sling over my shoulder, so I wasn’t ready for any shots. Guess I’ll have to start leaving the woods with my bow and arrow in hand – ready for anything! I made it to the 4wheeler and headed back to camp. Found Phillip asleep in the truck.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Lone Hunter...I mean, Huntress

It's the third weekend of bow season. I left Phillip at home Saturday morning (he was “on call” for work so he stayed at the house) and headed to the huntin club. Went to a lock on way in the back of the property. Its right on the property line. It overlooks a little food plot. I'm surrounded by white oaks and a clear cut to my left.  At 7:05am I saw a deer walk from another lock on that is about 100 yards opposite of me.  The deer  walked to me…through the food plot and then right by my stand. It went up the road/path that I come in from. I couldn’t tell if it was a small button head that hadn’t broke skin yet. I let it walk. Then 15 min later a little button head walked right underneath me. He walked to the food plot and nibbled. Then went into the woods. Little while later I took a bathroom break in the stand (LOL). Then 8 something, I watched a small deer in the woods…..just on the other side of our property line. Looked like a small doe. She was too far in the woods and too many branches in the way to make a shot. I got down at 9:30am b/c my bladder was screaming again. Saw some “speed meat” on my way back to camp. Would've shot it but it's not season yet!  LOL

I didn’t go huntin' Saturday afternoon b/c me and phillip went to another county that we hunt and planted 2 food plots. We were hot, nasty, and tired from that. So we went home. It is just too hot right now!!  We didn’t go Sunday afternoon since it was raining. We planted those food plots at perfect timing! Rain will do them some good!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

UPDATE: Bloody Arrow

Well – they found my deer last night.   One of the guys was out there hunting and shot a doe. Upon looking for her they found mine.  She ran 300 yards away from where I shot her. The coyotes already got to her.  One of the guys said I must have gotten excited b/c the entry hole was near her hind quarters on the left side and came out behind the other hind quarters. That would explain no blood trail!

Phillip and I kept thinking about the shot.  One of two things happened:
1 - my face mask deflected the arrow when I squeezed the trigger. Causing it to fly slightly to the right.


2 - One of the mechanical blades on my Ramcat broadhead was popped open and not down. So when I squeezed the trigger to let the arrow fly, that third blade was catching the wind differently - making it steer right.

Either way - I'm dying to get back out there and do it again! Gotta get some meat in the freezer!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Bloody Arrow

Saturday morning I headed back to food plot #4 (where I was last weekend). Climbed up the tree and got in the lock-on. Strapped on my safety harness to the tree. Got everything out. Sprayed down again with cover scent. Sat down and the last thing I had to do was put on my face mask. As I slipped it over my head, I realized it was breaking day…..but still dark. As I put my hat back over my head and slipped my pony tail through, I looked down the food plot to my right and noticed a dark spot out there. I sat still for a few seconds and starred at it....trying to see if it was moving or not. Sure enough it was! I didn’t even have time to txt Phillip to let him know I had gotten to the stand ok. I was the only one hunting the new side of the property – phillip and the 2 North Carolina guys were on the other side away from me. So I had it ALL to myself! Anyways --- so the dark spot is moving. I verify it’s a deer. It comes into the food plot down the middle. Slowly. Eating as it walks. It comes towards me and gets closer. I can start to see a little better. Nothing else has come into the food plot. I kept checking its head – no buttons. It’s a small doe. As she gets to my one o’clock position, I decided I will shoot her. I let her walk around to my 10 o’clock. I picked my bow up twice....each time the top cam swipes across the leaves in the tree that come around over my head. She looked around, but NEVER up at me. So I draw back again, put the pin on her shoulder. THWACK! She takes off running around in the food plot. Her tail is tucked and she is running crazy!! Her ears are tucked back as well. She hits the woods to my right and I hear her crashing and running around…..she makes her way further into the woods behind me. I turn around in my stand. I can hear her still crashing, but getting slower. The last sound I hear comes from over my left shoulder. I txt Phillip. I get down 35 minutes later. Got to the ground. Found my arrow on the ground COVERED in blood. It was a sure shot!! But I look around in the food plot and didn’t see any blood on the dirt. So I walked back to the 4wheeler where I had parked it. Rode back to camp on the other side. Put some stuff up. Waited on Phillip and other club members to go help us find her.  All 5 of us looked in the food plot. NOTHING. Couldn’t find any blood. . The woods behind my stand start to slant downhill and go into a creek bottom. We couldn’t find no signs of blood or her. We never could find her.

I shot her at 11 yards. Bad thing was she was quartered TO me, not away from me. I should’ve been more patient and let her turn some more. It was fun and I’m ready to do it again. Just hate I couldn’t find her. The rest of the day we planted 10 food plots. We didn’t leave until 8:00pm. we were very hot, tired, and aggravated! So we didn’t get to hunt Saturday night and on Sunday we didn’t go at all. We needed a break from the heat!

Monday, September 13, 2010

2010 Bow Season Begins

I hope ya’ll can keep a secret! Saturday mornin I didn't see nothin. Neither did Phillip. Saturday evening I went to a food plot on the other side of the property. It had some old left over, knocked down corn stalks. Not many at all. It was a big food plot though. Few peas coming out of the ground and TONS of American Beauty bushes around! I ended up seeing two fawns and a mama. They were fun to watch. Mama just better be glad she had to fawns with her or else she would be at the processor! Then - right at PRIME TIME.....a buck came out to my right. He was 48 yards away. He came to the edge of the food plot. I saw antlers and my heart started racing. He turned and went to his right (further away from me). He ate in some green grass stuff for a while. Had to wait until I didn't see him anymore to get down. Then Sunday night, I watched the same mama and 2 fawns. They ate all around the food plot and in the bushes right below me for the longest time. Then at 8:19pm, I looked to my right and I barely saw 2 dark spots moving. I picked up the binos and quickly saw one of em was a buck! Not sure if it was the same one b/c it was so dark I couldn't tell. Well -- I thought it was still barely daylight b/c the moon had everything lit up! I couldn't tell what the other deer was. If it was a buck, it didn't have antlers like the other one in front of it. So i kept my eyes on the one buck. I put the binos down. Struggled to put my release on my loop cuz I couldn't see. Both deer walked down the middle of the food plot my way. As soon as the buck walked at my 1 o'clock where some brush hid me, I drew back. Then he stepped out into the opening I had....and I went to look through my peep site to put a pin on him...I couldn't see nothin!! I was like "HUH?" so I looked again through my peep -- NOTHIN! so I looked back at him with both eyes - I could see him right there...about 18 yards. I saw him enough to know it was him!! But I looked at my bow and my fiber optic sites weren't glowing at all anymore!! As bad as I wanted to pull that trigger -- I didn't. I let off and was sick to my stomach. But its a good thing I didn't shoot and miss or shoot and wound him. I wanted him so bad! But I didn't mess up this spot. Besides, I didn’t realize it was dark and past the legal shooting time! LOL Dang moon will play tricks on ya! LOL So iInow have me a good huntin spot to keep a close eye on! I'll be back to that food plot again! Keep your fingers crossed for me and say a prayer!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fishin', Scoutin', and Bloggin'

We went fishing last Thursday at one of our local lakes, Lake Tobosofkee ("Tobo" for short). It was a beautiful day, but not many boats in the parking lot.  We hit several coves before we got the first crappie in the boat.  By the end of the evening, we ended up with only 2 crappie and 1 twelve inch bass in the livewell. So we threw them back and would wait until we had our limit to keep and clean 'em.

I also have one particular story about that evening....I caught a decent size bass bare handed!!! Here’s the story……. we came out of this cove and we were just drifting while Phillip was messing around with his new fish finder. Well, I noticed something and he said "it looks like a dead fish." So as we drifted closer, he noticed fins were still moving. We drifted closer and closer and realized it was a bass. It was floating upside down...belly at the top of the water....fins barely moving.

Well, I realized it wasn't all that small! So Phillip said, "Pick it up!" I leaned over the side of the boat and couldn't quite get his mouth opened and I guess I spooked it so he slowly swam back down a few feet.  So Phillip kept messing with his fish finder and I kept looking for the bass to float back to the top, which it did and I saw it on the other side of the boat. So Phillip trolled closer to it and I reached over the side of the boat and I couldn't get his mouth open so I just picked it up with both my hands and put it in the boat. So then I opened its mouth and was like "OMG!! OMG! I've never held one this big before!! And it was the easiest one I’ve ever caught!!" HAHA!
And that’s when we noticed this junky stuff on the side of its gills. And its eyes were sunk in. It wasn't healthy at all.

So phillip took a couple pics of me holding it. And after I played a prank text on my mom, we put it back in the water. I guess it was diseased.  But it was still fun pretending.

Then this past Sunday, we went out to our huntin club to take a tour of some property we will be hunting on this year. It was BEAUTIFUL!!  Tons of areas where the white oaks and pines meet!! There are some GREAT spots to hunt out there!! I can't wait!! There was just too many good spots to choose from!!  Well, along our ride down the main 4wheeler road, I found a turkey egg just laying there.  Since I didn't want a coyote to eat it, I brought it home. If I had an incubator I'd baby it until it hatched!  But oh well. I am thinking about tapping a small needle in the top and draining it out so I can keep the egg.

On our tour to food plot # 6, we came around the corner and low and behold was THREE gobblers! Of course we spooked 'em.  They ran and flew off and I watched in amazement!! I was like a kid doped up on candy the rest of the afternoon!! I was so excited and now I am pumped about going out and shooting me one!! I hope I can go in the morning!  If I do, I'll be sure to post pics and a story!! Hopefully a video too!  

Thursday, April 8, 2010


CRAP is for "crappie."  Some of you may know 'em as white perch.  We've been trying to hit up one of our local lakes for crappie.  It's kinda hard though to catch 'em out there sometimes because there are so many people out there riding boats, tubing, jet skiing, water skiing, etc.  So the lake gets pretty active.  But we still try anyway since it's close to the house.  We really need to go to Lake Oconee where we can get our limit, which is 30 per person!! We need to load up the boat! Anyways - these pics are from last Thursday. I rushed home from work and changed clothes. My sweet hubby had everything ready and all my tackle and fishing poles in the boat.  His dad came along with us.  It was beautiful weather and felt so good to get on the water.  I put the first crappie in the boat using a white hal fly.  Phillip put the second one in the boat using black/blue chartreusse jig.  We hit a couple different coves and finally put some in the boat towards dark at the last cove we went to.  We ended up with only 12 in the livewell. But it's better than NONE at all!! But if we were catching mosquitos, we would have limited out! I had more skeeter bites than crappie bites!! You guessed it, I forgot the THERMACELL! DUH!  We went out again Easter weekend for a bit. I only stayed for an hour or two. I had to get back home and prepare Easter lunch for the next day.  I did catch one good size crappie and missed another one.  Everybody is catching them on the black/blue chartreusse jig.  Although I have been using a blue/white chartreusse jig.  They love that chartreusse tail!! Well - I hope we can really lay into them soon and get some REALLY good pics!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Cake


So.  Isn't it obvious?  I've been watching TOO much CAKE BOSS!!!  OMG!!  Buddy makes some MARVELOUS cakes!!! I LOVE IT!  So I guess you could say I got frisky and wanted to make my own fondant cake. And what better time than St. Patrick's Day??'s my FIRST fondant cake ever.

I colored my cake mix two different shades of green.  Cooked my cake mix, let it cool.  Then the next night I started kneading the fondant and mixed in a light shade of green.  Once I layered the light green shade fondant over the cake, I set the top cake piece on top of the larger cake piece.  I then colored some more fondant a darker green and kneaded it all together until I had a darker shade of green for the shamrocks.  I used a VERY VERY small heart shaped cookie cutter to make each leaf of the shamrock.  Place three of them next to each other and BAM! A SHAMROCK! For the stems, I just cut very small strips and placed them on next.  Then, I piddled with GUM PASTE.  That stuff is weird.  Not sure if I'm crazy about it.  But once I had some in a non-sticky consistancy, I kneaded in some yellow and orange food coloring, rolled it out, then used the top of an orange juice container to "cut out" round circles. I then placed my coins on the cake.  Then I topped them off with some yellow, edible pixie dust.  I tried to cover the shamrocks in green pixie dust, but it wasn't showing up well.  Then I placed skittles all around the edges.  I mixed up water and confectioner's sugar and piped a small line around the lower edge. Then placed the skittles on the sugar. That way, once the sugared icing dried up, the skittles would be "stuck" to it.  So there it is! Sounds simple, but LORD it was a task. 

Wonder if I could make another cake...with trees....some deer....candy corn....and a HUNTRESS on the prowl!! Mmmm!! Sounds delicious to me!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Purty? Or Dinner?

I really can't he just purty?  Or could he be dinner?  Just can't shoot one until this saturday, the 20th! So I guess he'll just have to be purty for now!! 

Seriously though, I was in God's country this weekend......south Georgia, where everything is slower, more relaxed, and a lot more prettier because of the greenery.  I mean, uh, scenery!  I really enjoy going back "home" to see my family and friends and getting out of the hectic city I live in.  This past weekend, my best friend and I decided to ride around the woods and take pictures.  When we went next door to her brother-in-law's house, I quickly spotted a solid white turkey!  I just had to get pictures with him.  Even though I usually see these things featherless and skinless in the grocery store, he was just purty to look at.  I really enjoyed the experience of hearing him gobble, strut, and drum right in front of me!! I did try to catch him a time or two, but he was too quick and I didn't want to step in any chicken or turkey poo.  The female turkey stayed away from us while we harrassed this young'n for a couple of shots.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Laundry Room Renovation

WOW!  What I thought was gonna be a weekend project turned into a TWO WEEK long ordeal!! But I'm so thankful I stuck with it and finished it!!  It's pretty scarey to see at first.  But that's what makes it AWESOME and more appreciative in the end!

Since we don't have a garage and our shed is pretty small, we tend to "throw" a lot of things into the laundry room.  But not only did I need to re-organize and re-model it for us, we hope it will be more appealing to a "buyer" some day!! After I finish my little projects, we'll be putting our house up for sale!

So, I started out by stripping everything out of the laundry room.  Had a run-in with a couple of stripped screws. Man! What a pain! I got my dad to come over and help me get them out.  Oh yea! I also pulled up the old quarter round. Then I worked on spackling all the holes and any other "imperfections" in the walls.  Then came ONE of the fun parts!! I was FINALLY able to put my NEW CHRISTMAS present to good use!!  Hubby got me a fantastic electric sander! I LOVE that thing!! So I got everything sanded down. I can't tell you how much of that spackling dust I inhaled! *GAG*  After I had everything sanded down, I moved on to cleaning up the entire room: wiping down the walls with a washcloth, sweeping, and vacuuming the remaining things I couldn't get. 

Then I started painting.  I first painted my ceiling.  Gave it a FRESH new look with a coat of paint. It takes me FOREVER to paint in the trim because I take my time and I'm still practicing on "cutting" it in so that I won't have to use tape! And I have to admit, I didn't do so bad this time either. So after I painted the baseboards, back of the door, door frame, and window frames, I started painting on the walls! After the walls, I worked on cleaning the circuit breaker cover. It had old white paint on the edges. 

After several trips to Lowe's and back, I finally got a couple of new face plates for the light switches and electrical outlets.  I also bought my cabinets and other stuff I would need later on.  I ripped up the old floor and my hubby put down some stuff for the uneven floor.  I'm not sure if the stuff in the jar is called "floor patch" or if that's just the term for fixing the floor.  While the days keep passing by, the clothes kept piling up! It was a mess.  I finally moved the washer and dryer back in for a day or two to wash some clothes.

I took a day off work this past Thursday so my dad and I could get some MAJOR work done.  I moved the washer and dryer BACK out into the kitchen. Dad and I took the water heater out. He sweated off the copper pipes where the new flex hose would go. Took up the remaining old linoleum that was under the water heater. Dad cut the quarter round and I painted it. Dad sanded down the floor patch stuff. It was about as hard as cement! Nasty stuff! I cleaned up and completed painting the walls and trim behind the water heater (where I couldn't reach from my first go round). I shaped and cut a piece of the new floor to fill in the hole/space where the old water heater has set..other people that have lived here before just cut plywood and linoleum to fit AROUND the water heater instead of underneath it. So the little circle area was lower than the rest of the plywood on top.  So I put in a piece of new flooring in there to fill up some space. I put in the new floating vinyl floor. Dad worked on the fittings (or whatever it's called) for the water heater. We put in the new quarter round. Then, set in the new drip pan, installed the water heater with new FLEX HOSE and a new electrical tube thingy (looks like a trachea to me). Made the circles in the wall look more appealing by placing flanges and a plastic piece of the holes. Swept. Brought back in the washer/dryer. Hooked everything back up.  I gradually moved everything back in and washed some more clothes! I still have to install a clothing rod to hang wet clothes on to dry as well as a curtain for the window.  But for the most part, it's done and I'm glad this BIG project is behind me! WHEW!

Oh yea! If you're wondering where all the stuff went that was stuffed in that room, I put everything out in our storage shed in the backyard and moved my Christmas boxes out from the storage shed to my father-in-laws place!



Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Good times at Bass Pro Shop

Couldn't help but post more pics of me and my nephews!! Especially while we're having fun at Bass Pro.  Just a week or so ago I posted a blog about my nephew who just got his first mallard with his dad (he didn't shoot it of course! he's only 4 years old)!  As you can tell from the other post, my nephew LOVES duck hunting....and now I found out over the weekend his little brother is gonna LOVE to hunt deer!! The oldest nephew even recognized a big coyote (stuffed, of course) on a clothing rack shelf! I LOVE IT!! I can't wait until the younger nephew gets to go huntin with us! I don't think his mom will let him go just yet.  But when she does feel comfortable, I'll definitely be in the stand with him one day! And not to mention I'll have my other nephew by my side to help get the ducks back to the truck!! I love my little guys!!  They make me proud!!

We snapped a few pics next to the flying duck and dove decoys. Later on, I leaned in for some smiles with my nephew while we checked out the infamous fish tank in Bass Pro!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Deer in the Rice Field

1 lb. Ground Deer Sausage*
Instant Rice
1 can Cream of Mushroom Soup
salt/pepper to taste

*Substitute ground deer sausage for regular ground deer (but it's way better with the sausage!)

Cook the deer meat completely in a pan.  Meanwhile, prepare the instant rice -- depending on the # of servings you need for your family. I use the 4 serving instructions.

After the deer meat is thoroughly cooked, pour the cream of mushroom soup over the deer mixture and mix well. Stir on Med Low to Low heat, allowing the soup to get warm.  Once the rice is ready, stir in the deer/soup mixture all together. 

Grab your sweet tea and enjoy!! YUM!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Duck Hunting Generation

It's tough living away from your family, but thank God for cameras, computers, internet, and email!  And just like any proud Aunt would do, I have to brag on my nephew! Him and his dad (my brother) got their first mallard Sunday!  I didn't think someone made waders that small, but they do!  The look on my nephew's face is priceless and an image of a true DUCK HUNTER!

Ever since my nephew was born, he has been influenced by his parents, me and my husband, and other family members.  We have surrounded him with duck calls, duck toys, camoflauge, and his latest Christmas present was a camoflauge hunting vest. Yep! A cute, small one to fit him so he can retrieve the birds for his dad!  I can't be more proud of him and his excitement for the outdoors!  He's only four years old and he can use a duck call better than I can! And get this:  his first word was "quack."  It's so awesome to see my brother teaching him and preparing him for the new duck hunting generation that is to come.

I'm so thankful that God has blessed us with the freedom to hunt, fish, and enjoy the great outdoors, not only as individuals, but as family.  I thank God for my brothers' influence on me when I was a little girl.  I didn't do much hunting, but fishing was our favorite thing to do.  Since my brothers have grown and began their own families, my husband has influenced me with a love for hunting.  Most of our dates are spent either in the woods hunting or on the boat fishing. As I have grown to love the outdoors more and more each year, I truly hope that I have a positive impact on my neices and nephews on what hunting and fishing is all about.

When I see these pictures of my nephew, it makes me smile, laugh, and thank God my nephew is in my life.  I'm sure you, too, have these moments.  The moments that make you proud and thankful. And you just can't help but brag on 'em!!


Monday, January 11, 2010

Ducks Fly Over

We have had some really cold weather the past couple of weeks.  Been in the 20's just about all day! But probably the only people who head out in the extreme temps are hunters! We've been duck hunting on our weekends, but still have yet to shoot our limit.  My hubby and I went out Saturday morning. It was a cold, cold, cold, cold (did i say it was COLD?) morning.  It was 20ยบ and we were looking forward to calling in some ducks! We layered up and loaded up our waders, decoys, and a shovel.

We got to the water hole and just as we suspected, it was frozen over. Phillip got in the water and used the shovel to break up the ice where the water wasn't running.  I took 7 decoys out and gave 'em to Phillip to throw out.  We loaded up some shells and took our spot in the water against some trees. We were about 30 feet apart.

I patiently waited for daylight. When it was time, Phillip started slowly calling.  I let him call for a few minutes before I join in. We finally heard some gun shots off in the distance. My heart started pounding. I was sure something was going to fly over any minute now.  I stood with the stock of my shotgun on my hip, calling, and waiting.  I finally heard a faint whistle.  I look up to see 4 ducks fly over about the same time Phillip told me to get ready.  They ducks were too high.  We hit the calls.  They didn't turn. 

So I took a deep breath and got ready for the next group of ducks to fly over.  We called some more and heard the same gun shots off in the distance.  We waited.  No ducks.

So we decided to call it a morning.  I sloshed through the water to the bank and we both set our guns against the trees. Phillip took his duck call lanyard off before we got in the water to retrieve the decoys.  We were about 5 steps in the water when I hear Phillip say "Anna, look! There's two flying in! Be still!" I immediatly froze! I looked up to see two woodies flying in. They look committed. But before they made their decision they decided to fly around one more time.  I hit my call. When they flew around some trees, we ran (as fast as we could with waders on) back to dry land and got our shotguns.  We squatted right there and looked back to see if they were coming.  I hit the call a few more times.  Here they come....I can see they start to cup their wings and their little webbed feet get ready for the landing.  They're coming in close! Just as they decide to dive down, their feet straighten back out and they keep flying!  I am in shock! We both look back and I started calling again......nothing.  We couldn't believe it.  Those two woodies were on top of our heads! I looked at Phillip and he looked at me.  We were mad at ourselves for going in the water without our shotguns and not being ready.  Lesson learned!!

We gathered up the decoys and the rest of our gear.  We had water frozen on our shotguns and now our gloves.  We quickly made it to the truck and headed back home.

Better luck next time!