Friday, November 13, 2009

Remember what was in the cooler?

You DO remember what was in the cooler back in June...right?
I wish I knew the exact type of turtle that was in our yard, but I have no idea how to find out!  But that Sunday afternoon I logged on to the computer and did a search on turtles and when they lay their eggs.  It said once they lay their eggs it will be about 3 months before they are ready.  So of course, I watched the spot on the ground almost every day.  I was counting to see something change in that little spot in the ground around September.

Well summer passed and September rolled around. I started keeping a close eye on the spot.  Every day when I went to work, got home from home, checked the mail, or let the dog out, I would always check to see if something had changed.  But so far, it was still the exact same.

We all know that August and September is usually the hurricane months, so after a few days of heavy rain fall, I would check on the spot to see if any predators tried to dig up the eggs.  I feared a raccoon, a cat, or skunk would come along and get the eggs out of the ground before they hatched.  Thankfully, no predators got a dinner out of this one.  But I was getting worried because it was now October.

One weekend we had a very heavy rainfall for about two or three days.  I came home from work and was getting some stuff out of the backseat of my truck.  As I walked around the tailgate, something caught my eye!  The spot in the grass was no longer smooth and even!  There was a perfectly, egg-size small hole!!  I squealed! The babies had FINALLY hatched!! I believe all that rain helped soften the ground for the baby turtles to dig their way out.  My heart sank yet again for thoughts of any free roaming cats, birds, or other varments snatching up a quick meal.  But that's why they call it a "food chain!"  I didn't leave with negative thoughts though.  I just hoped they made it out and into a ditch or some woods close by. 

I've heard that it's good luck if you find a turtle shell.  So is good luck twice as lucky if you have a mama turtle pick your yard to bury her eggs in?  HAHA! Who knows?!

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