Monday, August 24, 2009

"Wild Willie"

It was another busy three day weekend at the 2009 Buckarama show in Perry, GA for Final Skinz. Friday nights are usually a slow to moderate crowd. The early birds like to get there, find the goods, the sales, and register for any contests early and get out before the crowd hits on Saturday and Sunday.

During my Saturday morning business ventures in one of the other buildings, I decided to walk around to see what booths might be drawing for a free whitetail hunt or who might have some new t-shirts and camo for the ladies. As I began to squeeze my way through the crowd, my cell phone rang. Unaware of my surroundings, I quickly dispersed out of the mass of hunters and hid myself amongst some clothes racks in a booth.

After the phone call, I placed my cell phone back in my pocket while being greated by the sweet lady in the booth. She asked if I needed any help and I told her I was fine. Without showing my embarrassment, I looked up at the banner hanging to see what booth I had rudely envaded. I stopped. I looked around. "No way!" I was standing in the Duck Commander / Buck Commander booth!! And nobody else was in it but me!! HA! I had no idea they were there this year! So of course I immediately began thumbing through t-shirts, hats, duck calls, DVD's, CD's, tank tops, and even the signs!

I decided it would be best to keep some money in the checking account for bills, so I only purchased a t-shirt for my hubby and their newest DVD "Duckmen 13: Fear The Beard" (killer DVD by the way!! Better go buy it!). By this time, the lady's significant other was there and was helping out as well. They were both so very friendly and inquired about my tank top displaying Final Skinz. All three of us began talking and getting to know one another as if we should have been friends sooner.

Next thing I know, they tell me that "Willie" was gonna be arriving at 11:30a.m. My eyes widened and my mouth dropped. I said "What?? Are you serious?!?" They said he was on his way in from the interstate and should be in around 11:30a.m. So I told them I would be back for a picture!

So sure enough I headed back to the DUCK/BUCK Commander booth at 11:30a.m. for my picture with Willie Robertson! When I first got there, I patiently stood there and watched him sign a few autographs on some hats for other fans! I honestly don't think half the crowd KNEW who he was b/c they were all walking by just looking. I was astounded that I was there at that moment! Anyhow - I was introduced to him and he was just as nice as I'd ever imagine. He had no problem with me taking a picture with him. (I think we actually took three pics!) It was great! He then started asking me about the new Buck Commander bow and if I had seen it yet. By the time he started showing me the bow, a few more fans were walking up. The bow looked AWESOME, but as with any "star," he had more fans to meet and shake hands with. So of course I told him it was GREAT to meet him and I took off. I consider myself lucky to meet him. Hopefully I can meet the rest of the Duckmen one day! What a dream it would be to hunt with em! But like Willie says, you gotta be quick enough to keep up or else they'll shoot down the birds before you've even got your safety off!

Thanks Willie for taking the time out to speak to me and for this awesome pic!! Next time = it's camo face paint in the pic!!!

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