Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Huntin My Way Out of a Flood

I’m on the hunt and it’s not for whitetails. Bow season doesn’t open up here until September 12. I am on the prowl for camouflage pants with an inseam longer than 34 inches. I need at least a 36 inch inseam to reach my feet and to cover the tops of my boots. I have searched high and low for pants long enough for the upcoming hunting season. While it’s still warm enough outside, I can get by with the “almost long enough” pant because I just tuck them inside my snake boots. But whitetails are not the only animal I’m after. So I may not always be wearing snake boots and pants that are just not quite long enough are not a good look. No matter where you are.

Our local stores do not have much of a selection here on female hunting apparel. I guess the demand here isn’t that high, which I would have a hard time believing. I’m in the south and I have recently met a group of ladies who love to hunt and be in the outdoors. One of our local stores is a big, well known, chain and they only have ONE rack of hunting apparel for women! That ONE rack consists of pants, t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, jackets, overalls, and coveralls. Yes, I said ONE rack! The t-shirts seem to fit well; however, if I get the same size in the long sleeve shirt, the sleeves aren't long enough. They barely make it to my wrists. Why is that? And for the coveralls to be long enough, I have to put on an XL, which gives a decent length, but both my husband and I could fit in them. If one piece of clothing is long enough, it’s probably too big somewhere else. If it fits me everywhere else, then it’s probably way too short in length! Go figure!

Another option I have resorted to is buying the XL shirts in the little boy sizes. They fit my upper body and give a three-quarter length sleeve. OH! And it’s cheaper!! The length is good for in-between seasons when the temperatures are changing from one extreme to the next during the day. But if I need to wear men’s camouflage pants, it’s usually not a problem finding an inseam long enough…..or a crotch long enough. Men’s pants are higher wasted and baggier than what I am used to wearing.

The women’s pants I have bought I have had to take home, take the hem out completely to the fringe, and sew one straight hem line across the bottom to keep the fringe from coming unraveled any shorter. Needless to say, I hate to spend a lot of money on pants that I have to bring home and re-stitch myself. My wardrobe is a complete mix of patterns since I am not able to find pants long enough in one pattern that has a matching shirt.

Let me just say that I am not complaining of my height whatsoever. I wouldn’t trade it for nothing! I am just complaining that there are not camouflage pants that come in a “Tall” for women. If any readers out there know where I can hunt me down some long camouflage pants, I know you won’t hesitate to email me! I’m desperate for some long camouflage pants! (I have this same problem in jeans! LOL) It's dry here in GA and no signs of a flood!


Ben G. said...

That sounds like a crappy problem to have. I hope you can find some pants that fit (good luck). I have a similar problem with shirts having broad shoulders the arms are always to short in Large and the shirts too big in XL. I guess I just have to deal with it until I get my own tailor or I learn how to sew.

Emily said...

I feel your pain. Although, I don't have the height issue as much, it is frustrating to not have choices when shopping for camo. I usually end up buying boys sizes, b/c it is really hard to find a men's small. I will have to say that some stores out here in Colorado are starting to catch on that women like to hunt too and I'm loving that there are actually women's sizes now. However, you are right - it is usually only ONE rack of clothing to select from. There really is a market out there for women's hunting clothes!
You might want to check out the Prois hunting line - I see that Kirstie from Prois is following your blog.