Sunday, June 21, 2009

What's in the cooler, hun?

I came home from church only to find my husband, Phillip, in the front yard with the camera in hand, standing over a small cooler. He wasn't able to go to church with me that morning because of some family business he needed to take care of. Without him being at home, he would not have been able to witness this act.

I park the truck and get out to see what he's smiling about. As I slowly approach the cooler, he tells me he was on the phone talking with "maw" (his grandmother) when he looked out the kitchen window and saw something in the yard. He walked outside and eased closer to the mysterious creature. Suddenly he realized that it was a turtle digging in the ground! It was obviously a female burying her eggs. Phillip said she had somehow made the dirt muddy enough to dig up and throw behind her. Her eggs were placed in the hole and then she used her legs and covered the hole back up.

What amazed us both is that you can hardly tell where she dug the hole. She placed the grass and dirt back as if nothing had been there! When she was finished, the spot just sort of looked like a dry patch of grass. But it all blended in.

Phillip decided to put her in the cooler to keep her from venturing off into the road! He didn't want her to get ran over by a car and of course, he wanted to show her to me when I got home! I couldn't resist holding her and taking pictures with her!

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Pink Camo Gal said...

TOO CUTE! Love the pix!!