Monday, September 10, 2012

Fallin' in Love with Wreaths

So I've never been much for door wreaths.  Seemed "old-fashion" to me and I'm just not into big, gawdy fowers, lace, and bows. But lately, I've taken interest in the creative and more up-to-date wreaths I've seen on Pinterest and girlfriends' photos on Facebook.  So the crafty side of me had developed an urge to create a wreath, but with an outdoor flare. 

I went to Michael's craft store and found one of those vine wreaths on sale, along with a few silk flowers for Fall, a letter "V" for our last name, and some ribbon.  I had a couple of items at home already: pheasant feathers and shotgun shells.  I used my hot glue gun and glued everything in place and it came out perfect (in my eyes)! 

That's something to remember when you decorate:  if its perfect to you, then its perfect. Period.  Don't worry about what others think.  They're not the ones looking at it everyday.

For the ribbon, I saw online where you can use a staple gun and just staple the ribbon on the very top of the door.  And that's exactly what i did.  It worked!

And as far as my door goes, it will be getting painted this fall.  Its a terrible faded shade of red.  Its streaky too.  It was never painted properly and defintiely needs to be a darker color. 

I didn't limit myself on keeping things from sticking out too much.  Just let the flowers do their thing.  And I didn't paint the wood letter "V" because I felt the white was pretty enough.   What do you think? Paint the "V" letter? If so, what color?